6 Easy Ways to Meditate For Good Health

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6 Easy Ways to Meditate For Good Health

Just sitting quietly and letting go of our thoughts can calm harmful cytokines that promote disease. Meditation lowers stress hormon levels and alters our genes. Mindfulness involves sitting or lying quietly and paying attention only to the breath without changing how we breathe.

Walking in a circle or up and down a short path can help us focus on the moment. Rather than walking for exercise, the goal is to simply pay attention to the sensation of walking or the act itself. Walk at a slow pace and focus inward. Pay attention to how it feels and set a mental focus that might include mentally ‘saying’ step right, step left. Pay attention to the soles of your feet, your knees and then you hips. You can also focus on breathing when you walk. For some, walking and meditating is easier than sitting to cultivate mindfulness.

Prayer can also be a way to develop mindfulness, especially repetitive praying. When we pray out loud and repeat, it is much like performing a traditional Hindu mantra that keeps the mind focused.

Music for meditation
Listening to soothing music can also be used to cultivate mindfulness for better health. When we focus on any one thing and keep the mind clear of other thoughts we are gaining health and well-being. Listening to music has physical and emotional benefits that can reduce anxiety and boost immunity. Music also boosts levels of dopamine in the body that is a brain chemical that makes us feel good.

Mindful eating
Mindful eating has gained some focus in studies. The act of eating slowly, chewing our food well and savoring the smells and textures of food can be a form of meditation that can help us lose weight even. The truth is, any activity that we perform in our daily lives can turn into a type of meditation – even the simple act of washing the dishes and focusing totally on the moment can be a form of meditation that helps us relax.

** And don’t forget to include maximum anti-oxident food in your diet to beat MS. Like fresh fruits, green salads & raisin (in dry fruits if nothing else), & healthy liquids.

Practicing Yoga at any level keeps the mind focused and cultivates awareness of the body. The good news is you can start at any level. Yoga can also be performed in a chair for those with disabilities. It can also be practiced using only standing or only sitting postures. Contrary to some beliefs, you do not have to be extremely flexible to enjoy Yoga. The idea is to perform the postures and breathing to the best of your individual capability. There are also many tools available including blocks and straps that can help with balance and posture.

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