A Step of Faith

by Janet Gildred

Last Post “I was in such unmerciful physical and emotional pain from the intense migraines and the unending muscle pain that the only thing I could count on at this point was God. I was skeptical yet I was crying out for help, there was nothing else. What if God was providing an answer?”

Real people were sharing their personal stories of life changing health results. I didn’t believe I could try one more thing and find help. The neurologist had tried many medications that were not making a difference in the severe muscle pain and cramps; and debilitating migraines.. Depression had set in and left me without energy or the will to keep going.

I didn’t want to give up. The thought kept filling my mind and heart, “what if this nutrition that was helping so many others in so many ways could change my life too?”

I was at one of my lowest points of my life in total pain and frustration. Although reluctant, I chose to take a step of faith and to trust God.

The decision was made. I ordered the nutritional products that others have used for strengthening their immune system and to work toward the right balance of nutrition throughout their bodies.

They were seeing changes in their health and lives, could that happen for me?

This “step of faith” began a journey that was about to transform my life. . .

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