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Multiple Sclerosis-Relief (MSrelief.com) is a content-rich resource center, marketplace & membership site dedicated to proving that people can Choose JOY while living with multiple sclerosis.

Inspiring you to choose JOY in the face of MS is our primary mission in life.

Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really areIt is a place where experiences are shared that illustrate the power of the human spirit; the power everyone has to choose JOY in the face of their own personal MS reality.

Because Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that is not fully understood, people have found success treating symptoms in various ways, from conventional to controversial. At MSrelief.com we judge not, only report responsibly. We bring to our community, engaging discussion on a broad spectrum of healing modalities, from experts & patient stories about nutrition, exercise therapy & pharmaceutical treatments to spiritual healers, homeopathic remedies, and the power of coaching for choosing JOY more often than not.

As you browse our site you will find inspirational stories, testimonials and helpful resources to support you during your MS experience. We hope you’ll stop and comment on anything that speaks to you.

Have fun, choose JOY!

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