Adapt and Overcome! Jack Osbourne’s Motto!

by Danielle Price

Jack Osbourne is the son of John Micheal Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne. John Michael is more commonly known as ‘Ozzy’ and Sharon is a media personality and music manager, and is commonly known judge on “America’s Got Talent”.

Jack has lived an ‘unordinary’ life. He participated in a reality show about his family called ‘The Osbournes’ and also had a brief appearance in an Austin Powers movie.

Jack Osbourne announced his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in June 2012.

He was at a particularly high point in his life with the birth of his daughter, Pearl and making wedding plans with his fiancé, Lisa Stelly. He had lost 60% of the vision in his right eye, and said “While I was waiting for the final results, I got really really angry. Then I got really sad for about two days, and after that I realized: Being angry and upset is not going to do anything at this point, if anything it’s only going to make it worse…‘adapt and overcome’ is my new motto”.

Jack’s new motto, “Adapt and overcome”.

He’s going through similar feelings as those that are diagnosed with MS. Feeling angry, sad and then after mourning the loss of his health, realizing that life doesn’t end with a diagnosis of MS. He has an incredible family to support him through the tough years ahead.

Osbourne has put another public face on the disease that affects more than 400,000 people in the US and 2.5 million worldwide. But Osbourne has many reasons to be optimistic about his future, according to Dr. Timothy Coetzee, chief research officer for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

According to him “The majority of people with MS have a normal or near-normal life expectancy and don’t become severely disabled. The good news is that we are getting better at managing the symptoms and addressing the quality of life issues.” There are more treatments available than ever before. And many people with MS go on to live long and active lives. No side-effects or symptoms are a certainty.

Jack has described himself as an adrenaline junkie and at one time had his own show called “Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie”. He focused on getting in physical and mental shape to climb California’s El Capitan Mountain and has traveled to Namibia in South Africa to film elephants for a “Saving the Planet Earth” program. This particular film was to help locals and elephants coexist peacefully.

He has planned a regimen to help fight his MS. He plans to use a ‘combination of daily drug treatment, holistic therapies and lifestyle changes’. His fiancé said about his diagnosis that it is a possible blessing because he will ‘have to change his life for the better, get healthier and not get stressed’. His family stays positive and has an optimistic outlook on the future.

Dr Coetzee said, in reference to Jack’s positive attitude, “It’s what we encourage. You adapt, you overcome, you look forward, not backwards.”

About the author:
Danielle Price was 9 years old when her mom was diagnosed with MS. She graduated with a bachelors degree in Child and Family Development from Southern Virginia University. Dani is happily married to a wonderful husband of 5 years and dedicates her time to nurture and raise her two beautiful daughters. Dani is a talented singer, enjoys music and participates in the community.




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