Ampyra Update January 27, 2011

People with problems with seizures or kidney problems should not take Ampyra (Fampridine) due to danger that the concentration of the drug will increase in the blood beyond the amount consider to be safe.

I am very excited about trying this newly approved MS medication! Just a few days ago, the mailman brought Ampyra to my door!


When researching this drug, I learned that potassium is a very important mineral for proper electrical signaling between the cells. And that potassium channels are specialized pores in the cell membranes that allow the potassium to freely conduct messages. When the Myelin is damaged, potassium channels on the nerves will open and potassium leaks out. The messages that are sent from the brain to the rest of the body will then be weakened or distorted.

That makes complete sense to me! I’m plenty strong enough to stand up to do the dishes (for example), yet after a few minutes, my legs just give out and I have to sit down!

Ampyra is a Potassium Channel Blocker, it simply blocks the potassium leaks so the messages can get sent through the nerves.

I was nervous about the side effects of Ampyra.

Of those tested, some people identified these side effects: urinary tract infection, insomnia, dizziness, headache, balance problems, nausea, constipation, indigestion or heartburn and weakness.

I realize that it’s too soon to tell, but so far, I’m not feeling any of these side effects! I had to get this info out there!

I’m back to walking around the house very slowly with a cane!! I have no idea if this will help me to re-learn to walk, but it is exciting to give it a try with the help of Ampyra!

Have any of you tried Ampyra? What were your experiences?


About our Co-Founder: With a bachelors in Social Work, Linda is 53 years old, happily married with eight children and 17 grandchildren. Diagnosed with MS in 1995 and now having accepted and truly embraced her new reality, Linda has created She is dedicated to proving that joy can be chosen while living with Multiple Sclerosis. Linda specializes in helping others, especially those with MS attain the lifestyle, independence and happiness amid living with MS.


  1. Linda,
    How exciting this is for you! Slow is good—it means progress!!! I’ll be following your progress with anticipation and hope that this is truly an answer for your regaining your walking ability. Wow! That would be AWESOME:)

    As always, you are an inspiration and joy to connect with. You make the MS journey much easier to travel …

    • Thanks Dar~
      If you say so, I’ve never thought slow was good! But you’re right, progress is great!! I agree with all my heart! Meeting you is one of the rainbows in my storm of MS!

  2. Aloha Linda, your information was shared on FB, so here I am. I enjoyed your post and video clip. I see the sparkle in your eyes and hear excitement in your voice and it’s good to hear and see it. I have a friend that has this symptom and at times she would say her legs would buckle down under her. Reading and listening about your experiences just alerts me in how my friend feels and what she is going threw. Glad I came by and thanks for sharing! Lani kee 🙂

    PS.. when I see here again, I will direct her to your blog.

    • Lani~
      Thank you for visiting me at! I appreciate you taking the time to comment! I understand how you feel about your friend. It is really difficult to describe to someone how it feels with MS! Thank you for spreading the word about my blog!
      ps. I look forward to networking with you!!

  3. Hey Linda,
    That’s absolutely fantastic news!!!
    I’m soo happy for you and I truly hope your positive results continues to accelerate.

    I look forward to your updates 🙂

    In Health and Harmony

  4. Great news Linda! I hope you continue to see positive results with this.

  5. I have been on Ampyra for 10 months. The first two months were nothing short of miraculous. You can join the MS section Patients Like Me online (free chat space) and look for the thread Ampyra Journal and see the experience many of us have had with Ampyra since its release a year ago. It works wonders for many people. It also seems to lose a good deal of its effectiveness after several months. At least it has for me and for some others. Still, I cannot be without it. I don’t get the miraculous improvements in walking that I first had, but I still get significant improvement. I recommend it to anyone still ambulatory but with poor mobility.

    • Karen,
      Thank you for leaving your experience with Ampyra! I’m glad you’ve experienced success! I’m hoping I will too! It’s not surprising how something as exciting as a vacation with my loved ones (and all the change in sleep, diet and exercise) slows me down! I don’t think this month is a good judge of the benefit of Ampyra! I look forward to checking out Patients Like Me online!

  6. How many decibels of hearing loss would create it thus you would like a hearing aid?

    • Richelle,
      Are you interested in writing as a guest author for MSrelief? I have no idea about hearing loss and would love to share with our visitors your specialty! Of course I will include links to your site! Let me know if you’re interested! You can click on the contact tab above and leave me your information!

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