August 2012 Walking Update ~ Chiropractic Treatment

I’m reading Dan and Jennifer Digmann’s book, Despite MS, to Spite MS and Dan said, “I know this disease will bring me to tears at least once every other year.”

The day after the hand held massager massage was my one day of tears that turned into three days of tears in the same week.

Could the handheld massager have instigated all of this?

If you are following me on MSrelief on Facebook you’ve already heard the story. I gave my husband a hand-held electric massager for Father’s Day and just the other day I massaged my legs, arms, back, shoulders, rear~ all over and it felt so good! I was totally relaxed and even my lower back pain was gone! Then when I went to bed that night, after I was laying down for a few minutes my entire body tingled almost to the point of pain~

The next day my back hurt worse, not when I’m sitting, but when walking. I totally stopped the massages but when I walked there was a shooting pain up both sides of my body. Teach me to tell everyone I don’t feel much pain!

When I walked to bed that night I was feeling electric shocks going off in my legs and torso with every step I took! Then when I woke up it was even worse! The pain was all through my body but as I tried to get up and walk I was zapped with the pain, my legs would buckle and I’d slump to the floor!

It’s not fun living in the Now when the Now is so painful!!

My husband made a Chiropractic appointment for me, took a break from work, came home, carried me down the stairs and drove me to the Dr. After Dr. Fuller’s back, neck and shoulder work, I was ready to get back to my ‘new normal’ with only a little pain, no shocking, knee- buckling electrical shocks!

Who would have thought?!

I was so relieved to have the chiropractor whip my body back into shape Friday morning! When I got up after my afternoon cat nap, I fell! Dang those socks that tripped me! I twisted my back and I was back in pain! Not as severely as before the chiropractic visit… but it was still knee-buckling pain!

Now after a few more days of rest and two more visits to Dr. Fuller’s office I feel ready to get back to my physical therapy!

Now I feel well enough to say, just as Jennifer Digmann said, I make disabled look good!

ps. You can pick up a copy of the Digmann’s book right here:Despite MS, to Spite MS
– You’ll love it!


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