Best Fat-Blasting Supplements according to Montel

As I’ve told you before I was blessed with skinny genes so thankfully  I don’t have Belly-Fat to get rid of.  Unfortunately for others it doesn’t come so easily.

Belly fat is something most people have to deal with as they age. and while diet and exercise are two very important ways to stay trim, sometimes it’s not enough.  Montel Williams and Dr. OZ talk about 3 very important supplements to aid in loosing belly fat:

Learn about these three dietary supplements to help you loose body fat so you can look and feel your best.

Calcium Pyruvate – This substance already occurs in the body naturally, but taking 1000mgs before meals is a safe way to get more of it into your system to help burn fat. The calcium helps the pyruvate enter your body’s fat cells, and sparks those cells to burn fat more quickly and effectively. This coaxes fat cells to release the fat rather than store it, helping trim down the excess fat in your body. Order Calcium Pyruvate right here:
Calcium Pyruvate 90 Caps

Chitosan – This supplement comes from the exoskeleton of shellfish, like shrimp and crabs, and acts as a barrier inside your intestines. When you ingest fatty foods, the fat enters the intestines through your stomach, mixing with bile and getting absorbed into your system through the intestine wall. The chistosan helps stop this from happening, by protecting the intestine wall from absorbing damaging substances while letting through healthy ones. Order your Chitosan here:
Fblock With Chitosan 90 CP EA

Gamma-Linolenic Acid – This omega-6 fatty acid is found in plant oils like evening primrose and black currant seed. It not only reduces inflammation, but also convinces fat cells to release excess fat. At the cellular level, GLA helps reduce the amount of inflammation in a given fat cell by not allowing it to suck in and store excess fat that creates bloating. Get Gama-Linolenic Acid here:
Evening Primrose Oil, Ultra (120 large softgels)

Do you have a need to loose body fat? Have you tried these supplements? I am always looking for ways to help others with their heath and wellness goals!


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  1. I wasn’t aware that there are supplements available to aid fat losing. Thanks for the information given! Will do more research about these supplements and decide how to use them to lose fat effectively.

    • Hey Mike!
      My husband is doing the same thing, investigating and then giving it a try! I hope you’ll come back and let me know the outcome!

  2. With the help of your post I will definitely control our belly fat.

    • Michal,
      Are you going to try Montel’s suggested supplements and exercise? I know for a fact that ‘anything’ doesn’t work for everyone, but I’d love to her your success and what you did to make it happen! I can see from your site that you are very familiar with weight loss!

  3. I had read about some of these supplements and even wrote an article about some today on my blog. Others I did not know and I’m glad to know that I still have much to learn about it 🙂

    • Jackson,
      I’m glad you visited me here on I look forward to visiting your site also! I look forward to reading your work also!

      • Good, Linda! I’ve been trying to bring important information for healthy living in the Portuguese language. I’m happy when I find sites like yours where I can acquire more knowledge and share 🙂

        • Jackson,
          Thank you for saying so! My husband is going to order these supplements that in order to loose his belly fat, shhh! He is exercising and believes that’s all he needs to do, I believe diet and supplements are what he needs. We’ll see if this is a time that I can say, “I told you so!”

  4. Incredible points. Outstanding arguments. Keep up the amazing spirit.

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    • Clayton,
      Thank you for all the wonderful compliments! We are happy with MSrelief too! The only thing we need to resolve is the slow loading speed! We know we have too many plugins but we don’t want to get rid of any!

      This is a Thesis Theme and our affiliate link is on the home page, you just need to scroll down to the bottom and click on it, you won’t miss it!

  6. with hundreds, if not thousands of supplements out there that claim to be really effective fat burners, it’s good to see some genuine reviews like this. Thanks for these tips, will definitely check these supps out.

    • Ana~
      It looks like you specialize in losing weight! Thank you for taking the time to comment! My husband is also giving this a try ~ he doesn’t have the time right now to regularly exercise so it’s not a legit test! We’ll see soon!

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