Pharrell Williams Brings Happiness

Pharrell Williams

When I first heard the song “Happy” while flipping through the radio stations I immediately passed by it, rolling my eyes even, at the ridiculous peppiness and enthusiasm, Pharrell bringing happiness? Then it registered what I had just heard, “Because I’m happy…” I thought, there couldn’t possibly be a song …

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Kayla Montgomery, one of the country’s fastest young distance runners has MS

Kayla Montgomery, 18, is one of the fastest young distance runners in the United States. Kayla was diagnosed with MS when she was 8 years old. The North Carolina high school student trains 50 miles a week and just won a coveted state title. The Inspiring Teenage Track Star Who’s …

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Maureen Manley and was making preparations to compete in the Barcelona Olympics when multiple sclerosis put a halt to her plans. At 26 years of age, the Olympic cyclist lost her ability to see, ride or even walk. The roller coaster of emotions that accompanies the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis …

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