June 2012 Walking update ~ Duet Transport Chair and Rollator

Duet Transport Chair and Rollator

My Duet Transport Chair and Rollator helps me be a little more independent, except when it doesn’t! Just as Nicole Lemelle said in her February post for the MS society, one of the hardest parts of living with Multiple Sclerosis or any chronic condition for that matter, is accepting the need …

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February 2013 Walking update ~ Consciously Choose Happiness


When I was editing this video it sounded so Pollyannaish! How could someone living with the chronic condition of Multiple Sclerosis honestly be happy? I gratefully don’t have much pain, that would change things. I’ve had short periods of intense pain, enough to empathize with those who do and enough …

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Stability Ball Chairs and MS

The stability ball chairs, also called an exercise ball or swiss ball chair, will greatly improve the aching back, legs and arms that come from working at your desk for hours. Working at the computer for extended times makes the office chair an all-important piece of furniture. The stability ball …

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