Yvonne deSousa’s MS Madness Published

Yvonne deSousa MS Madness

MSrelief.com’s very own Yvonne deSousa has been published!  Since the MS diagnosis, Yvonne has devoted her life to help others with chronic illness laugh amid the tears.  Now Yvonne’s book MS Madness is ready for us to purchase! MS Madness!  A “Giggle More, Cry Less” Story of Multiple Sclerosis is …

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Josh Blue ~ Last Comic Standing

Josh Blue (born November 27, 1978) is an American comedian. He was voted the Last Comic Standing on NBC’s reality show Last Comic Standing during its fourth season, which aired May–August 2006.  Blue has cerebral palsy, and much of his self-deprecating humor is centered on this. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia …

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Jacquie Hermans the Light’n Up Expert on MSrelief.com

Jacquie Hermans helps others to increase productivity, create productive teams and inspire optimism.   Jacquie teaches by example how to  transform our lives through the power of laughter and play. Jacquie Hermans lives her life this way now but it wasn’t always so. Jacquie lived a life in turmoil. She was …

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