Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

Patricia Lay-Dorsey

Patricia Lay-Dorsey, interviewed by Lauren Parrott, was diagnosed with primary progressive MS in 1988 when she was 45 years old. Patricia recognizes she’s living with the symptoms, and acknowledges others living with the symptoms but emphatically states MS doesn’t have her and it doesn’t have any of you. Patricia tells …

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Where I am Today

I’d like to start this story where I am today, here and now. Twelve years after I first heard those life changing words from an unfamiliar doctor, “I am 99% sure you have Multiple Sclerosis”. Basically all of the fears and worries those words prompted came true in one way …

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Treatment for CCSVI Gave Me the Help that No Neurologist Ever Could!

When I was diagnosed in August, 1990 with Relapsing/Remitting Multiple Sclerosis and at that time there were no treatments available. I had several bad “attacks” involving extreme difficulty with any kind of movement and 10 months of double vision–along with several other “weird” symptoms and a spastic bladder. By the …

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