The Flip of a Coin


My name is Alejandro ez Bermúd but please call me Alex. I was born in Managua, Nicaragua and have been living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for almost 14 years now. I’m sure you heard it before…..the saying about how life can change in the flip of a coin, right? Well, …

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Stephanie Tinney – My MS Story


Varying degrees of numbness and tingling in my forearms-went away. Nonstop itching in my forearms with air conditioning blowing on them, intolerable-went away. Blurry vision in one eye three days after vaccines taken for trip to Africa-went away (trip postponed). MRI, lumbar puncture (spinal tap), looks like MS but will …

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Judy of The Peace Be with You Blog


I was in my twenties, fully engaged in a business career, when I was diagnosed with relapse-remitting MS. I finally retired in my 30s due to overwhelming fatigue. Other than intermittent relapses, though, I remained neurologically stable until my 50s when my MS became more aggressive and affected my ability …

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CCSVI Success


Christopher Alkenbrack is an impressive person and he took part in a controversial treatment, CCSVI. Christopher sees people with MS as an adaptable group. This has been one of his life-long lessons, always modifying the environment to fit his physical limitations. I’m grateful he is willing to share his story. …

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