25 Simple Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself – Instead of Eating

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When you are busy or overwhelmed, it can be a challenge to squeeze in quality me-time and self-care. Overeating can become a substitute for the things we really crave – rest, comfort, celebration, or simply  a reward for surviving a difficult day. It’s one thing to know that you “should” take …

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75% of Americans are Chronically Dehydrated

woman drinking water

By Dr. Garrett Christensen D.C. In a world with so many wonderful flavorful beverages available to us it’s no wonder that water takes the back seat. The human body is composed of 75 percent water. Trillions of cells depend on H2O to function properly and to communicate effectively with each …

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Keeping Healthy While On Vacation

Article By Cole Millen  Most people spend months preparing for their vacation. The idea is to look as good as possible for the bathing suits, shorts, and dresses. If you have been watching what you eat, working out, and shedding those excess pounds to look good, you are more than …

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Welfare reform should not take from the sick to give to the poor, advocates say

For two Toronto single women on welfare, expected reforms to social assistance in this spring’s provincial budget could prove either promising or problematic. Both the NDP and the Tories believe people on welfare should be able to earn up to $200 a month before facing clawbacks, as recommended last fall …

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Low Thyroid Function and Multiple Sclerosis

Approximately 20 million people In the United States take some form of thyroid medication. An estimated 13 to 15 million additional Americans may be undiagnosed for low thyroid function. Although the exact numbers for individuals with Multiple Sclerosis are not established, in my clinical experience a fair number of people …

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Adrenal Hormone Testing and Multiple Sclerosis – The Role of Cortisol and Controlling Inflammation

Cortisol is one of our body’s natural anti-inflammatory chemicals. Without adequate cortisol we lose the ability to fight infection, control healthy organ function and maintain proper hormone levels. A recent post by Linda Cox about a new drug therapy for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) called Acthar which stimulates ACTH production highlights …

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