Author: Dr Rob Laberts, LLC, Internal Medicine & Pediatrics Dear Patients: You have it very hard, much harder than most people understand.  Having sat for 16 years listening to the stories, seeing the tiredness in your eyes, hearing you try to describe the indescribable, I have come to understand that I …

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Could You Have MS? 16 Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

What is MS? Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system, meaning it affects the brain and spinal cord. In the most common type symptoms come and go. However, MS is tricky. Because so many other conditions can also cause similar symptoms. On the other side, it can take …

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Welcome Dr Larry Berkelhammer!

Larry Berkelhammer-headshot-214x300

Please join us in welcoming Dr Larry Berkelhammer to the MSrelief.com Team! About Larry Berkelhammer, PhD Author of “In Your Own Hands: New Hope for People with Chronic Medical Conditions” Dr. Larry Berkelhammer has lived with several chronic medical conditions since childhood. After years of engaging in the practices explained in his book, Dr. Berkelhammer …

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25 Simple Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself – Instead of Eating

Healthy Living

When you are busy or overwhelmed, it can be a challenge to squeeze in quality me-time and self-care. Overeating can become a substitute for the things we really crave – rest, comfort, celebration, or simply  a reward for surviving a difficult day. It’s one thing to know that you “should” take …

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Understanding My MRI

MRI Picture of Brain

When I was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 18 years ago, I looked at the MRI results with white spots but it meant nothing to me, it was like reading a foreign language. I was waiting for more symptoms to prove that I had multiple sclerosis. It wasn’t until five …

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A Peaceful Cove of Acceptance

Article by Carol Jaquith The onset of any serious illness can be like a tidal wave. When illness turns chronic, it can threaten to overwhelm you with wave after wave of loss and grief. . Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, in her book On Death and Dying, and in her work with terminally ill …

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September 2013 walking update ~ Roller Coaster Ride

Roller Coaster

Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs… But it’s your choice to either scream or enjoy the ride. Be positive. Unknown This month it’s easy to be positive, I am truly enjoying the ride! I am filling my life with love and God, taking Tecfidera …

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