Cheryl Peterson

Cheryl Peterson -Cheryl was diagnosed with MS in 2010 while living away from her home state of Florida.  She is a true Christian believing the Bible is God breathed and the only way to heaven is through acceptance of Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior.  She feels blessed beyond belief, having survived a violentally dysfunctional family childhood , Stage IV ovarian Cancer in 2004 a fatal diagnosis of 8%, three months’. She knows God is in control of her life and looks to Him daily. Cheryl had a wonderful and fulfilling career that allowed her to travel and “investigate”, scuba accidents, snow ski incidents, white water rafting, world wrestling, anything dangerous and cool.   After her MS diagnosis, she lost her job, savings, house. Her mother offered refuge in Venice Florida where she stopped the world from spinning and began again, on her own terms.  Cheryl currently lives in Venice with her rescued Therapy dog, Toledo, who spreads love and joy wherever the team is called.

Cheryl can be reached at cheryl (at) msrelief (dot) com.


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