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Clarity Point Coaching provides an innovative and effective way to reframe what you see and experience in the world. I know what we teach will help you feel more confident, relaxed to reclaim the joy you have been missing in your life, even while living with multiple sclerosis.

ClarityPointCoaching all starts with this Fear Assessment Test

Take it for FREE  here, if you are on a computer, the assessment doesn’t work on a mobile device:


Spend 10 minutes to take the test and your personal report will be emailed to you. (The Assessment doesn’t work on a mobile device – please visit online to take it .)

You will be asked to rank 18 statements according to how “good” or “bad” they are. This is not about whether they are true in your life, but how good or bad they are relative to the other things on the list. Just go with your gut and put the most good thing on top and the most bad thing on the bottom, and so forth.

Take your time and think about what each statement means in the world. If it says “I hate my work” – the question is how bad of a thing is it to hate your work, relative to the other things on the list.

Your report will show exactly how fear is affecting your subconscious thinking and your life.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”.

My hope is that this report will give you a glimpse into how subconscious programs of fear may be affecting your life and preventing you from seeing yourself and your world accurately.

I would love to arrange a short FREE phone conversation with you to explain your report, I’ll give you a call when I see your results in my inbox!

Clarity Point Coaching is a fantastic program that really works! Kim Giles, founder of Clarity Point Coaching has many other free resources on her website to help you learn more~


Linda Grace Cox Managing Director, Co-founder & Clarity Point Life Coach


At 51 years old Linda Grace Cox is a happily married mother of eight, grandmother of 15, and has been living with Multiple Sclerosis since 1995. Linda’s unexpected path in life has led to her helping others choose true joy in their own realities.
Since earning a Bachelors Degree in social work at BYU, her drive and focus has always been to help others with compassion and nurturing. Whether working as a group counselor at the abused women’s shelter in Anchorage or while raising their eight children who have grown to be wonderful young adults, Linda has always been a nurturer. Her gift for wanting to help others fits perfectly with her newest venture.

Having accepted and truly embraced her MS reality, Linda met Kim Giles, founder of Clarity Point Coaching. Clarity Point is a life philosophy and a way of being that is based in universal principles of truth.

Linda specializes in helping others, especially those with medically limiting situations attain the lifestyle, independence and contribution to society they dream of. She believes we can truly enjoy life, no matter what our external circumstances are. Linda has partnered with amazing people who are working together to help those in the MS community reach their full potential. Linda’s life doesn’t look like she had planned, but she has identified her new reality as a place where she can still help others choose joy one step at a time!



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