Chronic Illness Coaching Shows Significant Benefits According to Stanford

Chronic Illness - Healing the Wounded HeartSeeing coaching recognized as an effective strategy for managing chronic illness is really exciting!

And proven by “Stanford University Medical Center” no less! I’ve know this for many years of course, as have my clients but I can’t tell you how powerful it is to see this validated by such a prestigious institution. Have you ever considered coaching as an option for increasing your effectiveness in dealing with your MS, other chronic illness or disability?

Read more about Stanford’s study.

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  1. Felicia~
    I thank you for validating what I personally know about the benefits of coaching! Trish is an awesome life coach and she has helped many people through the rocky times in their MS reality!

  2. I suppose I could look it up 😉 but easier to ask- can you sort of summarize what would be the difference in having a ‘coach’ versus a counselor for MS?

    • Judy~
      I can totally relate to needing to just ask!!! Basically counseling is looking to the past to process our pain and negative experiences that led us to the place that we are. Coaching is looking at the future, identifying where we want to go, helping set goals and stay motivated to reach them. I’ll ask Trish, our Coach to give you her two cents also!

      • You’ve explained it perfectly Linda!

        The only thing I might add Judy is that coaching is a far more intuitive process, as opposed to counselling or therapy which is often an analytical process. This results in a very safe nurturing environment for the client to explore their gifts, passions and values to determine their most natural course of action moving forward.

        Plus the collaborative relationship between client & coach totally ROCKS in the fun-factor! 🙂


        PS… If you’d like to give coaching a try, you can book a complimentary Next Steps Strategy Session with me here:

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