David Humm Makes His Mark

David Humm ActionDavid Humm was an incredible athlete in the NFL. He accomplished much during his career in sports world. But his career was cut short when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. He continues to stay involved and doesn’t want any of the world to feel sorry for him and his condition. He is continuing to make his mark on the world.

David Humm – Inducted 1997 Southern Nevada Hall of Fame

Humm was born on April 2nd 1952. He played college football at the University of Nebraska and was a three-year starter during the years 1972-1974. He then was selected by the Los Angeles Raiders in the fifth round of the 1975 NFL Draft, 128th pick overall. During his NFL career he also played for the Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills (1980), Baltimore Colts (1981-82). He earned two Super Bowl rings within that time. After his career in the NFL he was an analyst for Mutual Broadcasting System, the Las Vegas Posse and the Oakland Raiders.David Humm Nebraska

In 1988, at age 36, David Humm was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He went to see one of his high school coaches, Bill Sommers, who had since become an optometrist. Humm was losing vision in his right eye and Sommers diagnosed him with MS. When Humm heard the news, his response was, “Okay, what do I do and how long will I have it” Sommers then replied, “This one they don’t cure”.

Nine years later he lost the use of his legs. He had since become a color commentator for the Raiders. But he had to call and resign as  because he was no longer able to travel to their games.  He stated “When I went from limp to cane to chair, it killed me because I was having so much fun.” But the response he got was not sympathy. The Raiders refused to let their commentator go, they told him to “Find a way”. He is now in his fifth season as an analyst for the Raiders. For the first four he traveled to a radio station in his hometown of Las Vegas, but he is now able to do so from the comforts of his own home.David humm_sideline talking to coaches

When speaking about the radio commentary David stated, “’The Ticket’ has been incredible to me to make the concessions that needed to be made for me to be a part of this,” he said. “I’m humbled that they would include me. In some form of fashion, the Raiders have been a part of my life since 1975, my rookie year. For it to be this long, which is a long time, to have them include me is a little humbling.

“The Raiders cut me three times (as a player) and brought me back each time. Now I’m back again. You don’t find that loyalty in sports. It all comes from the top. It all comes from Al Davis.”

David continued to be involved with the community and in his daughter’s life, regardless of his illness. He has volunteered at his daughter’s school, although that meant taking time away from his job as director of marketing and sales for a company that designs websites for hotels and casinos. He knew he would stand out in the crowd, but he wanted to be a part of his daughter’s life.  “She’s the greatest joy in my life. Of everything that’s happened to me in my life, she’s kind of the topper,” he said. “My life’s beendavid hummvsnotredame running blessed with football and friends and all the travel, and she makes it perfect.”

Now 11, Humm’s daughter, Courtney, says that her favorite times are when he attends her sporting events and visits her class for show-and-tell.

When discussing his condition, David Humm stated that he does not want people pitying him. In his words, “I’m so busy living my life that I don’t think about it. I live a full and normal and functional life.” Humm said. “This is MS, I have a handicap where I can’t walk, but I don’t feel handicapped in any way. I work a full-time job, then I do broadcasting on the weekends. My girl is involved in sports year-round, and I never miss an event. With my wheelchair, I’m completely mobile. There is nothing handicapped about me. What I’m going through is really nothing. It’s more of a nuisance.

“I have a lot to celebrate and nothing, not even for a moment, to feel bad about. I have lived the most blessed, the most incredible life that any person could ever ask to live.

“MS is not me. It doesn’t define me at all. MS is a handicap. It means I get better parking spaces.”

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