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MSrelief Webinar Series

“The Nutrition Factor”

Improve your health through food

Free monthly interactive webinars

held on the

3rd Wednesday of each month

4pm Pacific, 7pm Eastern



This month’s event is

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Unplug the Eating Robot!


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Program Facilitator:  Dawn Keegan Silverstein

Dawn Keegan Silverstein’s life changed from the morning she woke up feeling numb from the waist down to three weeks later when she was diagnosed with MS. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, MS became a huge catalyst for her. Dawn became determined to take back control of her body, her life, and to help others reach their lifestyle and wellness goals.

Wanting to be pro-active in her health, she became a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant five years ago.  Along the way, she also became certified as an Intrinsic Coach, and a Holistic Health Coach. Her education and knowledge fuels her passion to help others in reaching their lifestyle and wellness goals by being a powerful, supportive, and action-oriented ally.

Dawn is now offering a one-on-one 90-Day Intensive Mind-Set Adjustment Program through Skype or phone calls.

The Breakthrough Strategy Session is free! visitors will receive a 10% discount until May 30, 2012.

Receive a gift for joining my community right here!

Please visit Dawn’s site at Gain Balance or call her (914)588-5268. She looks forward to hearing from you!

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