Dr. Oz and Vitamin D

Dr. Oz talks about the importance of vitamin d saying “Vitamin D is a critical part of your daily health regime.”

Vitamin D3 sunshine with sunglassesDr Oz shares the importance of Vitamin D explaining that it has been known for years that vitamin C has great benefits for the common cold now it’s been found that vitamin D may actually the more important vitamin for fighting off colds.

“An important member of Dr. Oz’s anti-aging checklist, vitamin D play a number of roles in our bodies, including:

• Promoting absorption of calcium and bone health
• Boosting immune function
• Reducing inflammation
• Healthy neuro-muscular function
• Protecting against some forms of cancer”

Possibly helping prevent Multiple Sclerosis needs to be added to Oz’s list of the benefits of vitamin D. We know that Caucasians, especially those of Northern European descent, are more likely to get MS than any other ethnicity. Most of the people with MS lived above the equator. Could it be that the proposed hypothesis that the lack of Vitamin D is the cause, or a great contributor to MS is accurate?

Shared with permission  BMJ has documented great research findings to illustrate that Vitamin D is a great contributor.

“Results of their research: Higher sun exposure when aged 6-15 years (average 2-3 hours or more a day in summer during weekends and holidays) was associated  with a decreased risk of multiple sclerosis.” Higher exposure in winter seemed more important than higher exposure in summer.

Conclusion:  Higher sun exposure during childhood and early adolescence is associated with a reduced risk of multiple sclerosis. Insufficient ultraviolet radiation may therefore influence the development of multiple sclerosis.

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Have you heard Dr. Oz talking about the benefits of vitamin D? I value what Dr. Oz says and he’s not the only one stressing the benefits of vitamin D, tell me what you think in the comments below~


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  1. Thanks for the post! I recently was told I had a significant Vitamin D deficiency and have since been taking supplements. I’ve noticed a decrease in dizzy spells which has been a huge improvement for me as they were making daily life difficult. I was not aware that D could have such a big impact on overall health.

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