Weight Loss 4 Wellness – Episode 4 ~ A New Insight Around an Old Behaviour

That appetite awareness exercise that Dawn gave me last week is awesome! At first I procrastinated looking at it because I have this innate resistance to writing about my food intake; comes from many, many years of dieting and having to write down what I eat. Some of you will know exactly what I mean.

But this is different, you don’t have to write down what you eat. Instead, you record a number for how hungry you were when you ate; from 1 (“too hungry”) to 10 (“ignored fullness”). You also track how you’re feeling at the time – either positive or negative. Then if you want, you can also add comments about any sensations you felt when you ate or details about how you were feeling.

Once I started using it I started paying more attention to just how hungry I really was when I ate. For example, yesterday was a crappy day and when I decided to help myself to some danish that my son-in-law Richard had brought over, I knew as soon as I tasted it that I was doing it to distract myself with the taste and the sensations in my mouth.

You see I’d gotten home from my doctor’s office a little while before that and I’d received some not such great news when I was there. A few months ago a found a lump in my breast and had subsequently had an ultrasound on it. The results are in and now she wants me to have a biopsy done.And they’ve found something else wrong with my heart.I’ve got a “right bundle branch block” and I’m just starting to do the research.

On the upside, I’m so grateful to be tackling my “weight loss for wellness” goal right here on MSrelief.com. Knowing that you’re following me on this journey gives me the conviction to get my train back on the tracks whenever it derails.

If you can relate to my eating for distraction, please share your experience as a comment below. I look forward to hearing your take on this unhealthy coping strategy.

Till next time, take self-care seriously and God bless!

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About our Co-Founder: With a bachelors in Social Work, Linda is 53 years old, happily married with eight children and 17 grandchildren. Diagnosed with MS in 1995 and now having accepted and truly embraced her new reality, Linda has created MSrelief.com. She is dedicated to proving that joy can be chosen while living with Multiple Sclerosis. Linda specializes in helping others, especially those with MS attain the lifestyle, independence and happiness amid living with MS.


  1. I can totally relate! Sometimes I honestly think that the idea of eating something is as good as or even better than actually eating it! Yet I go ahead and do it anyway. I too was recently diagnosed with a bundle branch block but I forgot what side. The cardiologist said since they couldn’t find any other issues not to worry about it too much. I am keeping your good health in my thougths and prayers…

    • Thanks for your comment Yvonne. Glad to hear that the BBB isn’t a concern for you. The fact that I have heart disease certainly complicates things for me but I won’t know more until I see my cardiologist in June. Thx for the thoughts & prayers Yvonne. ~Trish:-)

  2. Trish,
    I can’t say enough how courageous it is for you to be honest and open to the world with your journey! I know that others who suffer from the same affliction will benefit greatly!

  3. I am totally compelled to leave a comment on Trish’s weight-loss journey after getting together with Trish today for a long over-due ‘chick lunch’ at a lovely restaurant on the shores of beautiful Lake Simcoe today. Despite the chilly winds, we had a great visit and I always feel re-charged after spending time with Trish.

    I’ve known Trish for (wow!!) about ten years now, and while Trish has always been a woman of a larger size, over the past few years her weight had begun to creep up and really started to take a toll on her already compromised health. I was worried about Trish, and it turns out she was worrying too and knew in her heart it was time to take action. I hadn’t seen Trish since early February, and when I saw her today for our lunch date, I was taken aback. Not only had Trish visibly lost weight, her mobility was so much better than I’d seen in a long, long time. She shared with me how this time her approach to the weight loss was different….much different… and invited me to check out the videos and blog she has posted about her journey. All I can say is talk about ACCOUNTABILITY!!!

    I love Trish like crazy, and her determination, creativity, skills and self-awareness never cease to amaze me. She is a constant source of inspiration, and I am blessed to know her and have her in my life.

    So here’s to you Trish…. CHEERS and CONGRATULATIONS on your wieght-loss and keep doin’ what your doin’….its working!!

    Big Hug girl!


    p.s. I have a sneaking suspicion that your coach Dawn is one of the key ingredients to your success! Way to go Dawn!

    • Kelly~
      I’m positive Trish is going to reply to your comment here, I just want to sneak in and tell you that I agree completely about everything that you said! Trish is a fabulous partner! You need to know that Trish didn’t want to go public with the journey at first and we can all understand why! I’ll take credit for suggesting it 🙂 and after Trish thought of all the people she can help, showing that with the proper motivation and great support it can be done!
      p.s. my relatives used to live right next to lake Simcoe! They traveled by horse and buggy over to Osceola County, Michigan in the late 1800’s!

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