Find Cause of Your Disease

Dr. Ty Vincent of Mat-su Integrative Medicine believes doctors are trained to think that taking vitamins is of no use combating your disease and may actually be harmful, so they discourage the practice without really understanding the issue.

Unfortunately, conventional doctors have no training, according to Vincent, in understanding the effects of environmental toxins or heavy metals and what to do about them.

Dr. Vincent graduated from the University of Washington School of Medicine in 2002.

Vincent had an intense interest in complementary and alternative therapy realizing most doctors believe that what you eat has little to do with your illness or symptoms, and rarely address diet with a patient as a means to correct their problem.

The current medical education system which is largely controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, avoids instruction about what Dr. Vincent believes is the root cause of illness – diet and environmental toxins.

A scientist at the core, Dr. Vincent’s methods of care are much higher than the accepted ‘standard of care’. He has devoted years to studying nutrition and other methods of natural healing, always with a “firm grounding in science and scrutiny of the available literature.” If his patients are told of a therapy or supplement, Dr. Vincent will learn as much as possible before giving his opinion.

Dr. Vincent has become disenchanted with conventional medicine and treating symptoms with drugs. He believes the standard approach to medicine in the U.S. usually does not address the cause of illness at all, and often makes it worse over time.

Investigation, education and encouragement are Dr. Vincent’s role, as he sees it, in working with each person on their path toward health and wellness. Dr. Vincent encourages patients to be involved in their health care by discussing with him all relevant issues and asking any questions. He shares with patients appropriate intervention and treatment options where necessary.

Dr. Vincent is devoted to finding the underlying cause of a person’s illness and correcting it in the most natural, harmless and cost-effective way possible. He suggests you can search for a doctor in your location by looking at the American Academy of Environmental Medicine website which has a search bar on the upper left side.

You know that I am using pharmaceuticals, yet I believe in finding the root cause of the diseases that we deal with everyday. I’m anxious to find the solutions to these problems that so many of us are facing.

Do you have an ‘alternative’ doctor? Tell me what you think about toxans in the comments below.


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  1. Great ideas! I’m really interested with wise and kind doctors. I believe you are effective and many patients will also love your medical techniques and behavior. Thanks to you.

    • Lhyne,
      Thank you for saying so! Dr. Vincent is an awesome doctor! He really sees the affects of the ‘American lifestyle” on our health and wellness and is eager to show us solutions to the problems we’re having!

  2. I wish all doctors were like Dr. Vincent. He is really devoted to help his patients at the best way possible. I am very grateful that he will really work hard to determine the root cause of condition so as to give his patient the appropriate medical treatment that he or she needs.

    • Candice~
      Dr. Vincent is awesome!!! I interviewed him and I haven’t had the time to post it! I can’t wait to share the information that he gave me! If the clock would just sit still for a while!

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