Flipping MS Sports

Winter blizzardIt snowed last night.  Two days into spring and it snowed triple times the 1-3 inches predicted.   Many areas had almost 10 inches, and in the morning, the snow was still coming down from a gray sky.  The locals were all a flutter and social media was rampant with lament and smartphone pics.  Personally, I love it.  I am in no hurry for the bugs, pollen, traffic, heat and humidity that comes with spring. I pulled out my thermal blankie and resolved to spend the day on the sofa with some hot tea and a good book.

And then the sun came out and I got confused.  Why does Mother Nature do that to us?  I can be flexible with whatever weather the day decides to bring.  But don’t set me up just to let me down. Don’t get me excited to hibernate some more only to force a sunny day on me and hence, the need to crawl out of my happy little cocoon.

Since the sun was out, this seemed a good time to shovel; the melting would make it easier.  There was a lot to shovel but luckily it was the light, fluffy stuff so not too taxing.  Did this count as exercise?  And, if so, how long does it count for?  Can this shoveling satisfy my exercise requirement for the week? The month?

Beach SceneHere is another reason why I am not excited for the season change.  Spring means that all people, especially people with MS, need to get outside.  The sun is good for us, physical activity is good for us, and we can no longer hide under baggy sweaters.  Spring makes me think of sports and I don’t like sports. They totally stress me out.  As a life-long klutz, the pressure is just too great.  And MS has certainly not helped me with my clumsiness.

I finished shoveling and pondered this.  I know exercise is important, and over the long winter months I actually bonded with my Wii Fit game console.   And I certainly don’t want to take for granted that I am still able to exercise, I need to cherish this fact as long as possible.  I am just not aware of a sport I could successfully participate in.

Why can’t there be sports designed specifically for people with MS?   Maybe I could create some.  Like, lately I have become an excellent flipper.  No, I don’t mean flipping myself or flipping the bird but flipping things.  My hand can randomly flip whatever object that is in it up three feet in the air, cause it to do a triple twist and land on the floor in an amazing splat.   Maybe I should start a flipping sport.

I realized I might be onto something.  I am also pretty good at falling down gracefully without getting hurt; that should be a sport for sure.  It takes great skill and a precise manipulation of whatever balance you may have left in your MS body.

Figure skating always looked beautiful to me but those skates look tricky.  How about a gliding around your kitchen floor in socks after you have spilled something slippery on it sport?  I bet I would be excellent at that one.

Ah, but I am supposed to be looking for outside exercise.  Then it came to me, the perfect MS, outside sport.   It is the how fast can you find an appropriate bathroom when you are outside and need one really badly sport.  This combines everything good: using your cognitive skills, moving, being outside, bladder control, the works.  We MS’ers can ace this one.  Hey athletes, MS’ers are taking you down!

Yvonne de Sousa


  1. Yvonne~
    I can rely on you to make me chuckle! I think the laughs come so easily I can totally relate! I’ve learned how to fall most of the time with no pain! A couple weeks ago I fell at the chiro’s office and I curled, rolled and got right up~ my Dr. said, “You’ve got the falling thing under control, you know how to do it!”

    Personally, my contribution to sports has always been a professional spectator!

  2. Thank you Linda- that takes a lot if your falling skills even make your neuro proud, that is quite a feat! Great Job!!

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