Weight Loss 4 Wellness Update ~ Health History & Trish’s Measurements

large pile of prescription pill bottlesI’ve now completed & returned Dawn’s Health History form.  Very thorough form girlfriend! Had to take out my trays (yes, 2) of meds  <big sigh> to update the list I have saved on my computer.
Hadn’t updated it in months, good opp to print a new list for my purse. Done!
Looking forward to the list being cut back in time. That will be clear evidence that I’ve reduced my risk factors. I see my GP every 3 months for a blood work review and medication adjustments.  I see her again on May 1.
I have to say that when I sat down to write out all those details about my health on Dawn’s form, it really made this whole process feel more “real” for me. Thanks for driving it home Dawn!
Here are my last 2 sets of measurements for the record:
Dec 2/11
upper arms – 17″
chest – 52″
waist – 49″
hips – 59″
thighs – 31″

Mar 10/12
upper arms – 16″
chest – 49.5″
waist – 47.5″
hips – 55″
thighs – 30″
Please advise if there’s anything else you need.  Thanks Dawn!
How about you? When’s the last time  you took your measurements?
Is that something you even do once in a while?


TRISH ROBICHAUD is an award-winning Life & Business Coach who lives with MS. She teaches women living with chronic illness or disability how to honour and accommodate their health as a foundation for life. Book a free OPTIMAL HEALTH or HEALTHY BUSINESS Strategy Session at www.ChangingPaces.com or www.MSrelief.com.


  1. You did a great job with your health.


    • Thank you Mellisa! I’ll make sure Trish get’s word of your support! She is amazingly busy with all the help she is giving to everyone in her life! I know she’ll appreciate your words of encouragement!

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