I have MS. So Why me? Why now? I’ve got a life! FOR $%&^&%^$#@# SAKE!

Cheryl Scuba divingI have MS. So Why me? Why now? I was diagnosed with MS in September or November of 2010, but really who cares anyway about the date.

I had never heard the word Multiple Sclerosis and had no idea what it meant. So I had to learn. I love to research so I did and continue to absolutely, intensively, exhaustedly, comprehensively, entirely, painstakingly, emotionally, intellectually, physically, cognitively (or not- I forget     I have MS), financially, learn every single thing I could about Multiple Sclerosis.

My conclusion?    I HATE it. Can’t think of anything, not-a-one, that I like about it. So me and my AAA personality and fairly fit but rapidly deteriorating body and once quite brilliant mind (it’s all in my head, I’m really not brilliant; just really smart) started the GOOD FIGHT.

All that fighting made me sicker. All the while there was a laser beam sent directly from God and aimed straight at my brain with the sole goal of bringing me to acceptance of this new normal.

God had to hold that beam for a long, long time because I have a really, really hard head. After all- I am Cheryl! Type A, career woman, SCUBA diver, fearless traveler, jumper from perfectly good planes, sailor of small boats to distant lands, part time missionary to third world countries, lover of dogs and the elderly.

I have MS. So Why me? Why now? I may never know the answer but I trust with all my being that God is holding me gently in His hands and He will not allow me more then I can handle.

So my new adventure begins. And it is my honor to be able to share it with you sometimes. I think we MSers have some pretty silly stuff happen to us.    Life is hard on everyone, and since we have our own individual MS difficulties, our collective MS disease and new normal’s is sure to have ups and downs.

The mission of MSrelief.com is JOY. Sometimes I don’t get it – the word Joy and MS in the same sentence, paragraph or book. Perposterous. But we will continue to seek joy, even when there’s none to be found. It may be just around the corner so keep looking. I am; and when I find it, I’ll tell you about it. Deal?

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