Josh Harding Treats MS Aggressively at 28

Josh Harding Minnesota WildTwenty-eight year-old Josh Harding is an ice hockey goalie for the Minnesota Wild. About two months ago he began experiencing dizziness during his workouts, as well as seeing black spots. He was then diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. He has been undergoing treatments for the disease since then and been through series’ of tests, and has returned to the ice without any trouble and plans to continue his career.

His goal is to be ready if the NHL lockout ends soon. He stated, “I’m going to do my part over here, skating regularly, working out regularly, getting back into shape and hopefully be good to go for training camp,” He and his teammates have been trying to stay sharp even though the labor dispute has prompted the cancellation of nearly one-third of the seasons games.

When asked, Josh’s teammate Zach Parise said, “It’s a pretty sad thing to hear when someone your own age and a friend and a teammate gets diagnosed with that. He’s going to fight it. He doesn’t want anyone feeling bad for him. He’s not going to walk around with the ’poor me’ attitude either. You would never know anything was wrong with him.”  Life with MS is showing to the world Josh Harding’s true colors.

joshharding at the goal looking leftJosh has talked about feeling some fatigue and at night has had a tough time sleeping but he is not worried about the long-term effects of MS.

“We’re not really looking at the future too much. We’re going to treat it aggressively right now,” he said. “We can’t tell what three or five years is going to bring. With MS, you can’t really know that. We’re going to do everything on our part to reduce the risk of having an attack or anything.” Josh said


Harding re-signed with the Wilds, even after having a chance to leave. He signed a three-year, $5.7 million contract. Chuck Fletcher, the general manager for the team, is in full-support of Josh and believes his ‘competitive fire’ will lead him to success in the NHL.

Josh Harding decided to announce his condition now in order to avoid distractions when news spread that he was diagnosed with MS. He is also hopeful that he can help raise awareness of this disease. He said, “Whoever is having a tough time with MS, if I cannot let this get me down and continue on to my goal, maybe that’ll help them out.”.

“If I can help one person, that’s all it takes for me. If I can help out 100, it’s even better.” ~Josh Harding

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  1. I’ve learned that Zach Parise scored his first goal with Minnesota. But Josh Harding’s seventh career shutout was even bigger news in the Wild’s 1-0 victory over the Dallas Stars on Sunday.

    It was his first start since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Harding became one of Minnesota’s feel-good stories last year when the team announced his intention to manage his illness and continue playing.

    Earlier in the summer, he passed on the chance to leave and instead re-signed with the Wild to play behind Niklas Backstrom again. “I can’t say enough and I can’t thank them enough for how good the team has been from the top down,” Harding said. “I’m not just talking about the players, I’m talking about management, I’m talking about everybody. It’s one of the reasons I signed back here. This is a family and I can’t say enough about each and every guy in here.”

    Harding stopped all 24 shots he faced in his first start since being diagnosed last summer.


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