Keeping Healthy While On Vacation

healthy eatingArticle By Cole Millen 

Most people spend months preparing for their vacation. The idea is to look as good as possible for the bathing suits, shorts, and dresses. If you have been watching what you eat, working out, and shedding those excess pounds to look good, you are more than likely ready for your thrilling vacation. However, once you begin your journey, it is important to remember how hard you worked to get in shape and to keep that determination even when you are being tempted with snacks and junk food on your vacation.

Prepare For Temptation Immediately

As soon as you step foot in the airport, you will end up dealing with temptation. There are plenty of fast food restaurants at most of the airports. On the airplane, there are snacks and carbonated beverages offered. To avoid the temptation, make sure you eat before you go to the airport. If you feel full, you will not feel as tempted to grab a bite to eat at any of the fast food joints. You should also carry healthy snacks with you for the flight. The best snacks to bring along with you are nuts, trail mix, dried fruit, and anything you enjoy that is also low in calories.

Choose Your Hotel Carefully

When you are choosing a hotel to book, it is important to choose a hotel that offers accommodations and amenities that are convenient for you. Most hotels have a fitness center with treadmills and other workout equipment. It is good to choose a hotel that has a fitness center so that you can still get a bit of exercise in your daily routine. Even an hour or half an hour a day would help you to burn off calories and keep up with your fitness. If the hotel has a swimming pool, you can also get your exercise by doing a few laps in the water. Stopping at a local grocery store to buy healthy snacks, such as fruits and vegetables, is also a good idea. Most hotels have a fridge in the hotel room where you can keep your food items cold and fresh. Often times it is difficult to tell before hand whether a hotel has the appropriate amenities. I have found a little due diligence to go a long way in this regard. I was searching the internet for a recent vacation and found a great site that listed reviews for Las Vegas hotels ranging from the amenities offered, to the restaurants in the area. This made it easier than ever to ensure I maintained my healthy lifestyle while away.

Choosing the Right Foods

While on vacation, you are most likely going to eat dinner or lunch at a few different restaurants in the area. It does not hurt to eat a restaurant but it is important to know which foods are best for your diet and which foods you should avoid. If there are restaurants with salad bars, you can always have a healthy and tasty salad without all the excess calories. Try to choose baked or grilled options instead of anything that has been fried. There are certain words on a menu that are immediate red flags. Some of those words include loaded, smothered, and fried. If you see those words on the menu, avoid choosing that dish. Some restaurants provide information on the number of calories in each dish, which gives you a better idea of what you should choose too.

With just a little bit of willpower, you can easily stick with your diet and fitness routine even while enjoying your vacation. If you do slip up with eating something that is not necessarily the best for you, you can always spend time working out at the hotel fitness center or swimming in the pool to burn those calories.


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    • Casa Caleta~
      That is a great service! You give a wonderful tip for us when we plan a vacation; to call ahead and request the foods that we require. And people will have to look into the Casa Caleta next time they are visiting your area!

  2. These are great ideas, different to what i’ve seen before and definitely something to think about before my next trip.
    Unfortunately I didn’t see this before my last overseas holiday. I knew this was going to happen, but I gained 9kg (20 pounds) in 6 weeks! I just totally let myself go and enjoyed every part of it, except the last week trying to fit into my bikini!
    Anyway, I don’t recommend doing as I did, but i’m usually pretty fit and focused while I’m in my home town. I was having a holiday from my home and my mindset.
    Thanks for the article, it will help me and i’m sure others too.

    • Chanelle~
      It’s so easy to let everything go while on vacation, sounds like you experienced the consequences! We’ll be motivated to stay in control when we need to undo our consequences on a regular basis!

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