Long-held Secret of Michaele Salahi

Dani Michaele SalahiHealth.com shared Michaele Salahi’s story. “Real Housewives of D.C. star (and alleged White House party crasher) Michaele Salahi kept her MS diagnosis a secret from the public for 17 years, finally revealing it in a book written about her in 2010.

Salahi, who has faced accusations of an eating disorder, told Peoplethat she stays “very thin” to reduce the risk of MS complications, and that she and her husband decided against having children because of her condition.



In 2011, Salahi was slated to appear on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab, seeking help in managing her MS and related stress. Producers turned her away from the show, however, because she did not have an addiction or substance abuse problem.”

Michael is a fabulous example of staying positive amid the ups and downs of MS, she is an inspiration to us all.
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