Maureen Manley cyclistMaureen Manley and was making preparations to compete in the Barcelona Olympics when multiple sclerosis put a halt to her plans. At 26 years of age, the Olympic cyclist lost her ability to see, ride or even walk.

The roller coaster of emotions that accompanies the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis often get in the way of living a happy life.

Maureen has changed her course and she is a captivating speaker, Educator, Role Model, Motivator, and Life coach.

Even though Marine’s symptoms progressed rapidly, true to her Olympic character she kept a positive attitude and is an inspiration to us all.

Maureen was able to return to cycling, and competed in triathlons at the same Beach Park where she was stopped by her MS symptoms.

If you would like to learn about her services, you can contact Maureen Manley here. has published an inspiring interview with Maureen, you can read the interview here.

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