Meet Janet Gildred

Hi, I am Janet. I was born in MN, grew up in New Jersey, went to college in Florida and accepted a sales/sales management position in a Fortune 500 company which took me full circle back to the state of MN.

I have lived with debilitating headaches and muscle pain from head to toe that took over my life. I had low energy, fatigue and came to a point of much hopelessness when doctors couldn’t seem to help me over a long period of time.

After trying almost everything available through the medical community I started researching many types of alternative natural supplementation. The help and hope I needed persisted and life continued to spiral downward. The severity of the pain, migraines, cramping, aching and the never ending sickening feeling all over my muscles led to despair.

At this point of desperation all I could think of was asking God for help as I had nowhere else to turn.

After God intervened in a miraculous way, I finally have my life back.

Look forward to my next post where I will share more of my story of hope and healing.

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