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Linda Grace Cox Co-Founder

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I am a happily married mother of 8 and grandmother of 10. I was born in Michigan November 15, 1963.

I was raised in Clawson, Michigan, I graduated from East Anchorage, Alaska High School in 1981, then from college at BYU – Utah in 1987. After obtaining a bachelors of social work, I became a group counselor at the abused women’s shelter in Anchorage.

When my 4th child was born, I decided to be a full-time at-home mom. During that time I devoted myself to nurture a 28 year marriage, and raise 8 children, preparing them for responsible adulthood. I volunteered in my children’s schools, church youth programs, and put into practice all that I learned.

In 1995 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. MS put a speed bump in my plans to go back to work as a counselor when my kids were in school. It’s been an amazing learning experience. I am now a full-time online network marketer. Everyday is filled with joy and accomplishment. Life doesn’t look like I imagined it, yet I enjoy every day!

I’ve learned that no matter what our external circumstances are, we can be happy. We truly create our own destiny.

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Trish Robichaud Co-Founder

Trish Robichaud - head & shoulders - 270x350I was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario on May 17, 1963. Yes, I’m a Taurus; please don’t hold that against me. <grin>  And I’m German too!

My husband and best friend Ernest will attest to my strong-willed nature but he’s loved me in spite of it for almost 30 years now. We currently live in Keswick, Ontario with our two little fur-babies Travis and Dudley.

My life prior to MS included twelve years in Credit Management and a care-free “dual income, no kids” lifestyle for Ernest and I. My diagnosis and then subsequent job loss as a result, was a huge dose of reality for us. Life changed dramatically and irrevocably in what seemed like an instant.

Shortly after my diagnosis I started volunteering with the MS Society of Canada. They trained me in social action, self-advocacy and support counseling. I’ve been providing counseling and coaching to people living with chronic illness ever since.

I am an eternal optimist and have an annoying habit of looking for and finding the silver lining in just about any situation in life. My passion is helping others to see the up-side of life, as well as their God-given assets; even when visibility is poor on those cloudy days and they’ve lost sight of their true talents. I believe that God’s role for me is one of messenger and life-guide.

I look forward to any opportunity we may have to connect here on MSrelief!

Till then, take self-care seriously and God Bless! Conceive, Believe, then Receive… because you CAN!

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