MS Horror Movie Mania

by Yvonne deSousa

Cinema thrillers are no match for multiple sclerosis

Ah, it’s that time of the year again, the time to prepare for goblins and ghosts and ghouls.   Before I appreciated the magic restoration of getting 12 hours of sleep a night, I used to enjoy taking part in Halloween activities.  I was a little costume challenged but every once in a while I pulled it off.

Like the time I dressed as a black magic woman.  The scariest thing about that was that my then boyfriend didn’t recognize me when I walked into his apartment and we wound up at a very scary party where this very scary guy told me “you shouldn’t mess with things you don’t understand!”   Shivers…..

If I dress up at all this year, (sometimes I do to help out my civic group with a kid’s function,) I will likely put on my old standby- a hockey jersey and a hockey cap on backwards, a blacked out tooth, a lipstick scar, an eyeliner black eye and call myself a hockey player.  Not much effort I know but I do like to at least attempt to get into the spirit of things.    I’m just too exhausted to work to hard at it, but I like to celebrate in some way.  Participating in Halloween activities takes away the guilt of devouring a whole bag of mini KitKats.  Perhaps a good scary movie is the way to go?

Let’s see, what am I in the mood for?  How about zombies?  What is a good zombie movie? Brain Dead? The CraziesNight of the Living Dead? Hysterical?

Funny, all the zombie movies sound like descriptions of me in the throes of my MS.   I don’t need any more reminders of MS during my celebration so I will choose a different horror genre.   How about aliens?   I should be able to find a good alien movie to watch this holiday.

The Blob, The Abyss, Cocoon, Infected, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Critters.   Ok, this is not working.  These movies are still making me think of MS.   But I WILL find a movie that works- how about slasher flicks?  There has got to be something good there.

I looked over possibilities- Burning, Maniac, Basket Case, Scream, Just Before Dawn, Nightmare on Elm Street.

This search for a good thriller was getting frustrating- ghosts.  I will try a ghost movie;  The Uninvited, Shutter, What Lies Beneath, Insidious, The Changeling.

By this point, I was too tired and exhausted to continue the search.  But through the brain fog I realized something.  MS is a horror movie!  I don’t need to order a movie from Netflicks-my life is a living zombie, alien, ghoulish, bloody monster show.

In fact, MS scares the you know what out of most folks.  Ha!   I am my own best Halloween celebration, scarier because it’s real.  Take that Freddy Krueger!

But I will dig out the hockey jersey anyway, just for fun…..

About the author: Yvonne deSousa was diagnosed with relapsing/remitting multiple sclerosis in 2009. Yvonne created her blog designed to help those with chronic illness laugh amid tears. Yvonne also enjoys writing about Cape Cod history and has been published on Cape Women Online and in the Provincetown Banner, and Cape Cod Times. Visit Yvonne online at or Yvonne deSousa on Facebook


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