Multiple Sclerosis: It’s All in Your Mind

Multiple Sclerosis is an eventful experience, to say the least. It is all in your mind ~ literally. It is all in the central nervous system. As you know, MS is an auto-immune disease. The immune system, which is supposed to be attacking any disease, instead attacks the protective coating of the nerves.

With enough attacks, the protective coating is gone and eventually the nerves themselves are injured. As the nerves are injured, the signals are unable to get from the brain to the body (in my case, mostly the legs). A serious attack is called an exacerbation and it’s crazy! Starting at the end of 2010, I experienced about one every month for almost two years. So I really was able to identify what it felt like to head into an exacerbation.

When I started to get weary, a fatigued feeling, to the point that it was hard to pick up a pencil to write a note, or lift a spoon to eat a bite, I new I was heading down. It felt like I was standing on the top of a very steep hill, almost a cliff.

Then it would just take a matter of hours, and it was like I had jumped down the hill.

It always made me think of Princess Buttercup in the movie Princess Bride when she tumbles down shouting after Wesley as he screamed, as you wish!”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t as easy for me to get up as it was for Buttercup. I would be totally knocked out ~ flat in bed for days. The Dr. would give me mega doses of steroids to decrease the inflammation caused by the immune system’s malfunction.

A nurse would come to my house to give the steroid infusion, I’d tell the kids I had my own private nurse. The drugs would pick me back up but never to the point that I was before the attack. I’d have a couple weeks of feeling good before I’d roll back down again.

A very good friend gave me a journal so I could write about my experiences. Writing it all down was very therapeutic. I didn’t realize this benefit until years later.

Now that I’ve completed my training, and I’m a certified life coach, homework is assigned every week and it includes Journal Writing and the benefits are amazing! If you’re interested, you can check out my Life Coach Page here.

Linda Grace Cox


About our Co-Founder: With a bachelors in Social Work, Linda is 53 years old, happily married with eight children and 17 grandchildren. Diagnosed with MS in 1995 and now having accepted and truly embraced her new reality, Linda has created She is dedicated to proving that joy can be chosen while living with Multiple Sclerosis. Linda specializes in helping others, especially those with MS attain the lifestyle, independence and happiness amid living with MS.


  1. Hi, thanks for your inspiring story. I was diagnosed the weekend I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill’s dental assistant program. I went in a downward spiral after hearing the news. I internalize EVERYTHING. So while I was hurting badly no one knew because I chose not to discuss it. I found out I was only hurting myself keeping in that information. I have learned to accept what is happening, realizing that all things happen for a reason. Like you however, I am tired of the lesson I suppose to learn. 🙂 Scheduled MRI tomorrow, hoping for good things! I agree with you about keeping a journal. Great outlet, especially on the days I am really emotional and have no reason why. I was on Rebif but currently take Gilenya. Thanks again!

    • Rebecca,
      Thank you for visiting and sharing your story! Life with MS is truly a roller coaster! I look forward to hearing about your MRI results! I hope you will come back and share!
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