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Today’s spotlight is Barbara~

My challenges started in 1989 when I slipped on a marble staircase and cracked my coccyx. I spent the year at various doctors and physical therapists – with little help actually. I was 36 years old. Finally, by pure coincidence I ended up at the office of a really good chiropractor – who actually did help! I was a patient for 2 years with great success. I couldn’t really run – but just chalked it up to the fall, and hoped it would eventually resolve.

In ’92 I stopped chiropractic care, and had recently gone through a death in the family, so wasn’t as focused on my own health. By 1994 I was getting weaker and started to fall (trip) on my way to work; if a friend called me from behind me I would lose my balance as well. So in ’94 I started to end up on the floor inexplicably. Also, on the bus one day I lost vision in one eye.

When I finally got to the doctor he recommended a neurologist – and an MRI confirmed his suspicion… he diagnosed Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, and politely told me I’d be in a wheelchair in 6 months!!

At that point I had started to learn about alternative medicine – but it was still early in the game. I made what I think are some bad choices – one was to see a doctor who said EVERYTHING was Candida – not MS. He may have been correct, but had a very aggressive approach – he put me on a lot of very strong herbs / strict diet – and I got weaker and sicker.

Finally a different neurologist put me on steroids for a month. It wasn’t fun, but got me walking better. I was also told NOT to see the chiropractor, so I followed the lead of the neurologist. But I did many other things – had silver fillings removed from teeth, vitamin drips etc. All outrageously expensive too!! Since I wasn’t using a walker or cane at the time, I can’t really say if these things ‘helped’.

I finally did get back to the chiropractor, and have never used any of the pharmaceuticals – I was always frightened by them, and also – they are tested on relapsing remitting MS and not Progressive. So mostly I’ve been coasting; I’m on disability and use a walker now.

My biggest issues are digestion and constipation, and a foggy brain! I try to use a juicer when I can. I’ve read about the Body Ecology diet lately, but their products are expensive too.

At the moment I’m involved with a great guy; I’m a handknitter (in the cooler months at least), and do an abbreviated yoga program here at home with a tape.

It’s so much easier that way! I drive locally to the store and back, and I can load the walker in the back of my CRV. I’m now 58 and still walking (with walker)!!

I can get as far as about 2 NYC blocks at the moment before I need to sit. But I cook my own food and clean my apartment (slowly 🙂 ).

Life goes on – I try to remain as positive as I can; meditate on occasion and stay connected with family and friends – the best therapy! ~Barbara


  1. It is hard for me to imagine what it is like to have MS but all I know is that you handling it quite well.

    I know it is hard work but keep it up.


    • Hey Peter!
      I need to make it more clear that the woman in this Spotlight is my friend Barbara! I have to agree, living with MS is hard work.

  2. You are an inspiration! You told your story without entering the self pity zone and I admire your style. I’ve often thought of writing out my story of the beginning of my seizure journey yet always thought it may be too long. After reading your story I see it’s possible to write out what needs to be said without boring the reader. Great job!

    Your still here because God’s got a purpose for you –

    Terrific Tonya Heathco
    National Seizure Disorders Foundation

    • Tonya~
      I’m glad you took time to read and comment on my blog! I guess I need to make it more clear that my friend Barbara is the woman in this spotlight! Barbara is a great example of how to live with purpose just like me and you! Your journey with a seizure will inspire others too!

  3. Your writing is very well. I like this post very much. Our life is full struggle. Every time we are struggling against numerous objects. I respect your struggle. You challenges has been started in 1989. But this great news that your good from last two years.

    • Dentist,
      I look forward to learning your name! Yes, life is full of struggles, isn’t it? It is what it is and I’m doing the best that I can!

  4. i am trying losts of things for dieting but i can’t get the result what i am looking for.but after reading your article i think i can make my body fitted.nice writing.i enjoy this.

    • I look forward to learning your name! Yes, food issues are a problem for many people! I never had weight problems yet controlling eating was another story! I’d love for you to check back with me and share your ‘dieting’ journey!

  5. Your story is really inspiring. My mother has knee problem. She had an accident in 1998 and ruptured ligaments. In the beginning she had pains and now things are getting worse. Her injured leg is getting thinner and can’t put pressure on that. Doctors said her condition will get worse and this has no cure. My mother now can’t walk without a supporter. I was getting really frustrated seeing her condition but after reading your blog I see hope. My best wishes are with you.

    • Thank you for sharing. I think the loved ones around us suffer in a way that we don’t understand. My mom says that MY ms is the hardest thing she’s ever gone through!

  6. Hi Linda,

    That is really inspirational to read first thing on a Monday morning. I couldn’t begin to imagine what a shock it must have been at such a young age to find that out. I’m 35 and to be honest I’m not sure I would be able to handle that sort of news.

    I think your positive mind has played such a vital role in you being where you are at today and I think that’s amazing and inspirational for me. Well done and hope you are doing well.


  7. Barbara’s story is amazing. MS is such a horrible thing and can be life changing especially if you’re not strong mentally. Thank you for sharing your journey.

    My mother slipped and fell in the shower a year ago and things have never been the same. She’s had a metal plate put in and had to almost relearn how to use her hand. You’re determination reminds me of her. She never gave up and has persisted confidently. I’m sure your story will inspire so many and help them.

    I hope you are well and happy.

  8. Reading is my passion. Browsing through your site gives me a lot of knowledge in so many ways. Thank you for the efforts you made in writing and sharing your points of view. Looking forward to learn some more from you. Keep it up.

  9. Thanks Linda for this awesome post.Waiting for more post like this.Your story will inspire many people.

  10. Well, I am just new to your blog site and just spent about an hour lurking and reading. I think I will frequent your site from now on after going through some of your posts. I will definitely learn a lot from them. Thanks one more time. Regards, Steve.

  11. Hi Linda,

    WOW, what a journey. Thank you Barbara for sharing. At the start of a brand new year I’m inspired to think that whatever life throws at you, you can make the best of it.

    Keep up the good work!!

  12. Thanks Linda, nicely written. I like how Barbara takes time out to meditate and do Yoga. I’ve heard of many health benefits that can result from this, but for me, I don’t think I can sit still for that period of time!

  13. chiropractic care is very useful for some physical treatment .Some days ago I fell in small accident.And taking some chiropractic treatment,I get well soon.

    • Kevin,
      Me too! My first visit to the Chiropractor was for a fall! It was really funny~ I was late for church one icy Sunday morning and as I raced toward the entryway I way one of my friends who is always a joker ran out the door with his hands up creaming WAIT~ WATCH OUT FOR THE ICE! As he was talking, my feet slipped right out from under me and as I was dropping to the ground, he flew over and landed on the ground with his hand under my head as it smashed into the ground. My first thought was my skirt; was I covered?! Yes!

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