Namaste~ Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis

hanishyogi on a mountainby Hanish Sankhla


Yoga is more than just an exercise program. Yoga is an art of achieving a healthy, wealthy and blissful life, it makes us capable to heal ourselves.

As soon as we start to get deeply involved or ‘merge’ and enjoy the yoga, the process of self-healing starts within us. It treats us at the physical level as well as the mental, social and spiritual levels. Yoga provides us with “real health” as World Health Organization (WHO) stated.  According to the WHO, the state of health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity.

Hanish Yogi 2Yoga is a well-developed and systematic conscious process to accelerate the growth of a human being from his animal level. It finally leads to an ultimate truth or goal, the pure consciousness. That state is the state of freedom which is full of bliss and knowledge and it is beyond the intellect. Finally it leads to Moksha or liberation.

My dear brothers and sisters, my name is Hanish Yogi, a Yoga Therapist specializing in the treatment of MS. I’m fortunate to give my services to the community. My yoga teachings will fill bliss in your MS life and make you a self -healer.

I have been treating MS friends with Yoga Therapy for 4 years and have gotten amazing and miraculous results. One of my MS friends from Germany was using a wheel chair before yoga therapy, totally pessimistic and depressed regarding his position after MS. A miracle happened when he chose Yoga to heal and treat himself, and after Yoga he was able to walk.

Hanish Yogi 3The root cause of all diseases is mental in nature.

Multiple sclerosis is a progressively disabling demyelinating disease, which is a psychosomatic ailment (Adhija Vyādhi -stress borne physical ailments).The symptoms of multiple sclerosis are aggravated by anxiety and stress, the triggers for MS.

Since Yoga is an excellent way to relieve stress and anxiety, breathing practices like pranayama and asanas positions with breathing leads to the calmness of mind and body and provides an excellent harmony among mind, body and soul. Pranayama positions slow down the breath and calm the mind and as a result, stress level goes down and spasticity reduces.

Lack of strength in muscles is one of the major symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. The progress of disease may lead to gait ataxia, spasticity, tremors and even paralysis. However, regular practice of Yoga may alleviate these symptoms and slow the rate of progression towards disability. Yoga helps in toning muscles, increasing balance, coordinating movements, increasing the range of motion, and boosting confidence.

Hanish Yogi 1Research says that Yoga helps with bladder problems and reduces the frequency of urination.

Yoga significantly reduces fatigue in people with MS, says a new Oregon Health & Science University study.

We all are ourselves our doctor. We only have to stimulate and activate the power within us for self-healing through Yoga.

Let us always remember that Yoga should be learned from a good Yoga Therapist who is With a qualified Yoga Therapist, familiar with MS and its symptoms you will be able to obtain faster results.

I promise to all of my friends that Yoga will definitely convert your normal life into a blissful one and you would have new birth. You will bloom like a beautiful rose and a splendid personality will be recognized. So think about Yogic life style and make it real. My best wishes will be always with you.

Get free half an hour Yoga consultation by sending an invitation on Skype to hanishsankhla2 (skype ID) to learn how Yoga can fill bliss in you life with MS.

Hari Om Tat Sat.
Love, Peace and Humanity is our Religion

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  1. Yoga is excellent for MS. Don’t just sign up for any yoga class. You need to discuss your physical status with the yoga facility first. You may require a yoga class geared to your special needs.

    • Chris~
      This is a good point, we all need to thoroughly research before we jump in, knowledge is power! Hanish focused on breathing techniques when he worked with me, helping me relax and feel the benefits of the air we breathe.

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