Travel Club Visits Alaska! Alaska map image

Celebrity Cruise Line’s Alaska is Modern Luxury… Book an Amazing Adventure in Alaska Planned by Tarita Davenock, our Accessible Travel Specialist! Choose your sailing date!: May 15, 2015, July 10,2015 or September 4,2015. I have arranged for the cruises to offer wheelchair accessible rooms in different types of staterooms (interior, ocean view, balconies). …

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Stem Cell Treatment to Regenerate Central Nervous System with MS

A stem cell is basically any cell that can replicate and differentiate. Stem Cell says this means the cell can not only multiply, it can turn into different types of tissues. Fat is loaded with mesenchymal stem cells (cells that migrate easily) and we have tools that allow us …

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Aging at Home: Will You Be Lonely?


Most people say they want to age at home, but there’s a funny thing about that. Although folks want to stay in familiar surroundings to be near friends and family, too many people as they get older find themselves stranded in their own neighborhoods, suffering from a shrinking social network. In …

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Tarita Davenock

Tarita Davenock - 200x250

In my 17 years, I have never seen anyone with any type of ‘difability’ (dislike the word disabled- so I created a new one) in any travel ads. This fact has remained an irritant for years, so I decided to become a voice that yells a top a soap box …

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