Policies Governing MSrelief.com Associate Partnerships

Qualifications for MSrelief.com Associate Partners


  • Preferably has MS or is close to someone with MS
  • The product or service said partner would bring to the table must be one that MSrelief.com Founders would consider trying if money were no object
  • Must be computer confident, online & offline; able to comfortably handle email, word documents & Internet research
  • Has a website that provides their phone # as well as ways for people to get in contact with them online – ie: email, chat, Skype, etc

Required Contributions of Partnership


  • Willing to be profiled and featured on MSrelief.com
  • Open to learning the technology we use to bring education and information to our members and visitors at MSrelief.com
  • Available and committed to delivering an educational/motivational event on a monthly basis.
  • Willing to contribute content to the MSrelief.com newsfeed by creating a new post twice monthly.
  • Compensation to MSrelief.com in the amount of $xxxxxx per month per 1000 visitors in return for the ability to promote their product or service through the use of sidebar, header, footer and/or hook ads throughout the site

Benefits of Partnership


  • Opportunity to have your ads displayed on the website
  • Partner dedicated web page including a link back to your own website

  • Partner link on MSrelief.com home page to Partner personal site

  • Partner link within the MSrelief.com menu structure

  • Backend posting and editing rights to MSrelief.com

  • Access to MSrelief.com audience and to engage them once a month during delivery of educational/motivational event
  • Ability to market off-site services to event attendees
  • Networking opportunites with other MSrelief.com partners who are all health-focused professionals

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