Poll Results – Do you take any of the following disease modifying drugs?

This question was active from June 19 to October 13 and 482 people responded all toll.  Here is a breakdown of the results:

Do you take any of the following disease modifying drugs? – 482
  • Not yet – 13%
  • Not interested – 10%
  • Avonex – 4%
  • Betaseron – 5%
  • Extavia – 0%
  • Copaxone – 33%
  • Rebif – 11%
  • Tysabri – 15%
  • Gilenya – 9%

pharmaceutical syringeIt certainly appears that Copaxone is the most frequent choice, at least among MSrelief.com visitors.  No surprise to me as I’ve been on Copaxone for about 10 years now myself.  I had been having 2 to 3 major relapses per year for about 8 years when I got on the Copaxone.  Now I can honestly say that I’ve had no more than 3 minor relapses in the last 10 years.

How about you? Do you take one of the disease-modifying drugs? And if so, what do you take, what’s the worst side effect and what’s been the biggest benefit for you?

Till next time, take self-care seriously & God bless!

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TRISH ROBICHAUD is an award-winning Life & Business Coach who lives with MS. She teaches women living with chronic illness or disability how to honour and accommodate their health as a foundation for life. Book a free OPTIMAL HEALTH or HEALTHY BUSINESS Strategy Session at www.ChangingPaces.com or www.MSrelief.com.


  1. Hey Trish,
    It’s great to hear the results. I was taking Copaxone for years and it was keeping my MS in remission. The only side effect I had was injection site reactions. When Gilenya was released, I jumped on it! I know that everyone with MS is different, and I think if what you’re doing is working, there is no reason to change!

  2. think that is the best article thet i have read

  3. I have been receiving Tysabri infusions for over 2 years. Initially it didn’t stop the relapses but known for over a year so has stabilized me but, from a low point. The UK view is to hit MS hard and early with DMD’s and we are pinning our hopes on Alemtuzumab which is at phase 3 of clinical trials. It is claimed that improvements are seen in EDSS scores for a majority of patients. This score is used to access the patients walking ability. Best toi you all. Peter

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