Reachers and Grabbers ~ Independent Living Aids

I learned about the reacher from Stephanie Tinney, an occupational therapist, long before I needed one. Now that MS has slowed me down, the Reacher will become an important part of my personal care. has a bunch of independent living aids including reachers.

A variety of reachers and grabbers, all reasonably priced, all designed for picking up objects otherwise unattainable for limited mobility.

Let me share with you what I’ve learned and provide a link for you to purchase one of your own or to give as a gift for a loved one in need.

You can order your E-Z reacher by clicking right here.

Use the E-Z Reacher to grasp items out of reach without twisting your wrist. With the optional SAF-T-LOK (with on/off lever) feature, you don’t even need to maintain your grasp on the trigger to keep the object gripped! This reaching aid’s nimble rubber cups are flexible enough to pick up items off the floor as small as a dime, yet strong enough to handle a large can of soup or box of cereal.

If the E-Z Reacher isn’t the one for you, look right here at the and you’ll see the other reachers to choose from!


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