Reflexology For Multiple Sclerosis Relief

I have had the very good fortune to meet and get to know a very special person – Linda Grace Cox. I originally found myself on her website, reading about her struggles with MS and simultaneously inspired by her courage. I felt compelled to leave a comment on one of her blog posts and the rest, as they say, is history. One thing led to another and we made an appointment to chat. We learned more about each others lives and made a very powerful and meaningful connection.

It was absolutely, meant to be.

I believe all things happen for a reason. Life is synchronicity in action. We meet the people we are supposed to meet when we are supposed to meet them. We are presented with opportunities and obstacles when the confluence of time and space intersect at the energetically perfect and pragmatic moments for all of us.

In other words, there are no coincidences.

I learned that while Linda now accepts the numerous adjustments she’s had to make in her life over the last sixteen years due to Multiple Sclerosis, she strives daily to improve her energy and mobility and to share her story with as many people as possible. She isn’t looking for sympathy, she is sharing her story and developing a community – a community of those who are willing to join her in the very courageous goal of self-healing.

And, she learned that I’m a reflexologist who incorporates energy work into my practice. I’ve been practicing reflexology on a full-time business since May 2004. It has been cathartic and healing for me to discover my personal myth – what I’m supposed to be doing in this life – and to provide it for others.

In brief, the physical approach to reflexology consists of applying pressure to specific reflexes on the feet, hands and outer ears. This inspires the body to seek balance and wellness. The physical messaging the body receives during a reflexology treatment is transmitted through the nervous system. When the body is addressed in this manner, it is reminded of its capacity to heal itself and it begins to make adjustments geared toward homeostasis, or balance.

The energetic approach I take during a reflexology session is very diverse and a little out there. I am always listening. Not in the traditional sense with my ears, but with my body and my energy field. I pick up on the vibrational quality of my clients energy patterns and receive information. I have come to know this information is what they need to know consciously, and that I am being made privy to this information through my clients’ own energy patterns.

I have come to know that our energy patterns hold the entirety of our life experience and the truth of who we are. This means we have all the information and answers we need, within us. However, finding and interpreting those answers isn’t always simple or easy. I have been blessed with a gift in this life of being able to interpret these energy patterns. I know – it’s a bit woo-woo, but I will tell you it never has failed to produce results that positively support my clients choice-making on their path toward health and healing.

This ideology is how I have lived my life and conducted my reflexology practice. By working closely with my clients – both intentionally and intuitively – toward their healing and personal growth, I have maintained a clear emphasis on delineating and addressing the physical and non-physical aspects of my clients and their energy. While there is no “one size fits all” approach, I apply the principles and then follow the information as it is presented.

Through this multi-tiered approach, virtually everyone has the opportunity to heal.

Life is full of twists and turns and all of us come into this life charged with the daily responsibility of navigating our own personal terrain. Granted we are assisted by others at certain stages and times of our lives but for the most part, it is up to us to make the most of our lives. So theoretically, we make our plans, set our goals and objectives and eventually succeed at our endeavors.

However, when your physical body becomes your greatest challenge your most immediate goal is to simply take more steps with your walker or, be in less physical pain or, to just have more energy than you did yesterday, the world is a very different place. And, when you begin each day not knowing if you will feel better or worse, there is a desperate quality to your world.

Linda Grace Cox opened herself up to me. Invited me to write this article to illuminate the potential of every individual to heal. And remind her readers of the power they have available to them – within them – they just need to open themselves up to it.

Many Continued Blessings of Health and Healing.


About our Co-Founder: With a bachelors in Social Work, Linda is 53 years old, happily married with eight children and 17 grandchildren. Diagnosed with MS in 1995 and now having accepted and truly embraced her new reality, Linda has created She is dedicated to proving that joy can be chosen while living with Multiple Sclerosis. Linda specializes in helping others, especially those with MS attain the lifestyle, independence and happiness amid living with MS.


  1. This is an interesting article. I know nothing about relexology, but I’m certainly going to look into this part of the health system.

    • Carolyn,
      I am very excited about the fact that Wayne Nelson is going to be working with us here on MSrelief! It will be a few weeks yet, but we’ll let you know when he is offering his services to the visitors here!

  2. Hi, I want to share something we have daughter, Lindsay had the CCSVI treatment last year in India and she had some relief for a few months and then had a setback. She is really struggling right now, she is working with a doctor in hopes of getting her immune system rebooted..last month we were introduced to a very healthy chocolate that she is eating and so far she has noticed her energy is much better and we are very excited about it.
    This chocolate has the highest antioxidants of all foods as it is the only chocolate not cooked. One chocolate is equivalent to about 4 pints of blueberries. It is also very delicious!

    Our family has decided to eat and share it so that we could get our chocolate for free…and it is actually doing more than that.

    I am on a mission to help as many people as I can..

    thanks, Pat Klassen

    • Pat,
      How is Lindsay doing? I don’t know what the Doctor said, but mine told me to get on Copaxone. I think every doctor is encouraging pharmaceuticals!

      I love Xocai healthy chocolate! I started my network marketing career throwing chocolate parties with Xocai! I know the quality and taste is fabulous, it like eating vegetables only tastes like chocolate!

  3. I am a Reflexologist and can help you find training in Britain but can’t really help you with any other countries. However, make sure that they are reputable, ask them plenty of questions – get a feel for the training school. Doing research now will dividends in the future. Why not ask some Reflexologists in your area where they trained and get some opinions from them? Good luck!

  4. Does reflexology really have long term positive effects to a patient who is suffering from multiple sclerosis? I really hope it is.

  5. Hello! I like what you have posted.
    I know that Reflexology can help to ease the pain and heal certain diseases, but I was not aware that it can help to relief the sclerosis. Interesting!

  6. i was very interested to read this as i have ms and i am also a registered nurse with 15 years in neurorehab. im now at the stage where i am looking to retrain and develop my clinical, theoretical and all the other skills i have from my nursing. this has given me such alot to think about in a fab way, so thank you so very much!

    • Sue,
      I thank you for taking the time to comment on Wayne’s post! I would love to hear more from you as a nurse with MS! I’ll email you to see when we can hook up!

  7. There is no blood test which can diagnose multiple sclerosis. The MRI is used for this purpose, along with a clinical exam of function, CSF, and evoked nerve potential tests. There must have been 2 flares or exacerbations one month apart and one area of damage to the central nervous system. The CSF tests the cerebrospinal fluid. The evoked nerve potential test indicates slowing of messages in various parts of the brain. It will show evidence of scarring along nerve pathways. Other diseases must be eliminated, such as Lyme disease, collagen vascular disease, and AIDS.

    • Bethany,
      And that is exactly what I had when I was diagnosed! Two experiences with numbness on different parts of my body, then eye problems and white spots on my brain as evident in my first MRI. I’ve had serious damage done but I’m grateful that my last three MRIs show no new legions!

  8. A friend of mine is suffering from mild sclerosis too and has been going to a chiropractor for therapy. He’s had seizures many times, and his wife is having a hard time taking care of him. I know it’s tough, but we encourage him to carry on with the treatments.

  9. Mildred M. Anderson

    Hi Wyn,

    Great post. I have tried reflexology and it is truly relaxing. But is it true that too much of this can damage your muscles?

  10. Hi Linda! Experiencing reflexology is a great experience… It is something like massage but only to some certain part of the body. I have experienced this once and I enjoyed the feelings.

  11. I’ll immediately snatch your rss as I can’t find your e-mail subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Please allow me know so that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

    • Lucretia,
      I appreciate your wanting to subscribe to MSrelief’s rss feed! On the upper right side, right under the Dena-Lynn’s picture on the Graphic Header you’ll see “subscribe” and two classic buttons. Just click on the buttons and you’re subscribed. One day I opened this site with explorer and it was totally messed up. I clicked on the Welcome page then about page then back to the welcome and it fixed itself. Firefox or Chrome seem to be more consistent. What browser are you using?

  12. Which country are you from? I am a Reflexologist and can help you find training in Britain but can’t really help you with any other countries. However, make sure that they are reputable, ask them plenty of questions – get a feel for the training school. Doing research now will dividends in the future. Why not ask some Reflexologists in your area where they trained and get some opinions from them? Good luck!

  13. What is the distinction between hearing aids bought from a doctor versus those bought at concerning half value?

  14. I have a friend with MS and will direct her to this site as I dont think she has tried reflexoloy for relief from this terrible disease. Thanks for this information.

  15. I have experienced reflexology treatment and it makes me feel good.. Actually, I have this once a month and after the treatment, I feel rejuvenated. Thank you for sharing this information…

    • Patriaic,
      I’m glad you’re finding success with reflexology! I’m looking for someone to fill Wayne Nelson’s place (not that anyone can:)) so that we can offer reflexology to our visitors here on MSrelief! As Wayne said, “all things happen for a reason” and I’m sure a wonderful reflexologist will appear!

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