Repair MS ~ March 1, 2012 ~ Pseudo Exacerbation

I honestly was having the time of my life!!! I’ve obviously gotten quite used to being taken care of!

Listen to what my travels for my wonderful mini-family reunion looked like and you’ll see why my vacation started the quest for information about Pseudo Exacerbations!


I never in a million years suspected that as an adult, the mother, I’d be letting everyone take care of me!!!

I’m only 48 years old and my kids were doing all the cooking and cleaning during our first family reunion! I couldn’t even bend down and pick up a grandchild!

During the entire 12 days I didn’t even feel a touch of sadness or mourning!

On March 1st our plane landed in Boise, ID then we drove 1½ hours to Wendell, Idaho where we stayed the night at my in-laws [WAY FUN] (not handicap accessible). Then drove 7 hours to Yakima, Washington and stayed in a hotel (barely accessible) and watched 3 of my Jaimi’s college basketball tournament games [WAY FUN!] and they lost first place by one point [bummer]. From there we drove 7½ hours to Cedar City, Utah where 6 of my 8 kids were gathered together. It was a TOTAL bummer that one son & daughter-in-law with two grandkids and one other daughter couldn’t be there.

None-the-less I enjoyed all that were there! Six of my grandkids were there and I could hold all the babies when someone would put them in my lap! We talked, laughed, played games, ate, talked more, laughed more, ate more…..

About 4 days later we started the drive again. Seven hours back to a hotel (barely handicap accessible), 7 hours back to Wendell, 2 more nights with my in-laws (barely accessible)[TOTALLY FUN!!!]. Then another 1½ hours to the airport, and 4 hour flight to Seattle, 4 hour layover in Seattle [Free Wi-Fi Yeah!], 4 more hours to Anchorage, final hour drive to Palmer.

That all started my quest for information about Pseudo Exacerbations! I was really put out! To this day I’m not sorry about any of it, but I don’t think I’ll do it again! When my husband retires we’re going to move closer to the kids and let them come to our house, our handicap accessible home!

ps. I’m bummed that I don’t have pictures posted here of my husband, and a bunch of my family that was there!


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