Smooth like Montel

by Yvonne deSousa

Montel Williams is the handsome, debonair TV personality who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis several years ago. He uses his popularity to help show MS’er’s ways to cope with this illness.

Montel believes in eating better. He says we need to make fruits and veggies a regular part of our day.

Do we have to? Has Montel even bothered to check if ice cream, cookies and popcorn have any essential ms fighting nutrients? Maybe they are just loaded with good stuff. I bet he hasn’t checked.

Montel says he understands folk’s dread of vegetables. To help with this dread he recommends smoothies. He suggests putting leafy greens like spinach and kale in a smoothie so you won’t know you are eating them.

I was committed but before I went out and bought a blender my mom suggested that I come over to her house, and try her fancy new appliance to see if I would even drink the stuff once it was made.

My sister Laurie had given my mom the hot new juicer/blender/food processor system that due to potential legal issues I probably shouldn’t name here. For fun, let’s call it Ancient Warrior. Laurie had bought the Ancient Warrior after she saw it on an infomercial and thought it might help her eat better. When she opened the box it looked really complicated, so she gave it to my mom instead.

I made a plan with mom to test her Ancient Warrior, and went to the grocery store where I bought spinach, blueberries, and strawberries; next to the convenience store for bananas. Yes, the grocery store sells bananas but they weren’t ripe for the smoothie experiment so an extra trip was required.

At mom’s house we pulled out her Ancient Warrior and set it up. Then we washed out the pitcher and all the fancy attachment thingys that came with it. Then we tried to figure out how to use it. This took a while, especially since we were trying to figure out how to use her Ancient Warrior by reading the instruction manual for her Bose Wave Music system.

Once we realized why nothing looked familiar, we went looking for the right instruction manual. Then we washed the strawberries, the blueberries and the bananas. I know most people don’t wash bananas since you are just going to peel them anyway but I am pretty anal. Do we wash the pre-washed bagged spinach? We got into a debate about that and settled the issue by washing half of it. That seemed to be the easiest way to resolve the dilemma and I was getting tired.

Then we dried the produce and started throwing it into the Ancient Warrior. We topped it off with ice and pushed buttons.

The roaring sound gave us a headache. We struggled with how to take the top off of the pitcher, but eventually figured that out. I cautiously tried it. It wasn’t gross. Montel was right- you really couldn’t taste the spinach.

It almost tasted like a regular smoothie. A big almost but it wasn’t horrible.

We used the energy it gave us to clean up the mess. My mom cut herself on the blades of the Ancient Warrior and cursed. She said the Ancient Warrior was dangerous and someone could cut off their fingers if they weren’t careful.

Then she packed up the appliance and gave it to me to take home to make all the smoothies I want. And I will. As soon as I get enough energy to repeat the above……

About the author: Yvonne deSousa was diagnosed with relapsing/remitting multiple sclerosis in 2009.  Yvonne created her blog designed to help those with chronic illness laugh amid tears. Yvonne also enjoys writing about Cape Cod history and has been published on Cape Women Online and in the Provincetown Banner, and Cape Cod Times. Visit Yvonne online at  or Yvonne deSousa on Facebook.


About our Co-Founder: With a bachelors in Social Work, Linda is 53 years old, happily married with eight children and 17 grandchildren. Diagnosed with MS in 1995 and now having accepted and truly embraced her new reality, Linda has created She is dedicated to proving that joy can be chosen while living with Multiple Sclerosis. Linda specializes in helping others, especially those with MS attain the lifestyle, independence and happiness amid living with MS.


  1. We bought a N… an Ancient Warrior to start making Montel’s smoothies. I was DX’d with RRMS in ’97

    • I’m sure Yvonne will reply too, but I just want you to know that I am loving the smoothies, I drink one everyday! And I’m very sorry that you also have MS!

    • Be careful when cleaning the blades Vern! They are actually pretty good, like Linda says. And with the hot weather coming I hope they will take over my cravings for ice cream! Thank you for reading and posting.

  2. Wilium Shatner

    hmm .. your review is pretty nice .. seems like he was damn smooth ..

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