Stem Cell Treatment #9

Stem cells are cells that can self-renew to produce more stem cells. Adult stem cells act as a repair system for the body, replenishing adult tissues.

Autologous stem cell process is a medical procedure in which stem cells are collected and later given back to the same person. Several million stem cells are extracted from a single fat biopsy, or mini liposuction. When the patient’s own tissue is used as the source for cells, rejection of the transplanted tissues is minimized, potentially maximizing the effectiveness of the transplant. The extraction technique requires minimal handling of the cells and the cells are transplanted the same day.

There are various ways to inject stem cells back in the body. Locally in various parts of the body, in the area of needed healing ie. leg, or through the nasal cavity.

However Dr. Balshi feels the single best way to help people heal is to get the stem cells back into the bloodstream. At Dr. Balshi’s clinic, the stem cells are injected into an IV and then the stem cell enriched blood will circulate anywhere that blood circulates, which is everywhere.

The beauty of the stem cell is that it can seek and find damaged areas, any place inflamed, and the stem cells will start the repair process. They will repair and heal for about 4 months then they will sluff off just like all cells.

Now there’s a huge movement in the field of medicine towards stem cell treatment, and regenerative medicine. There used to only be a handful of clinics in this country, 10 years ago there was only about 25 clinics and now there are literally thousands of clinics because people are doing so well. To Dr. Balshi, it’s simple, and there are no drugs involved, just the patient’s own biology, healing itself.

Dr. Balshi predicts that future of medicine will involve a lot of stem cell usage.

Personally I still look like a handicapped woman using a walker, but I can take care of myself, drive, get my walker in and out of the car, and visit anywhere that is handicap accessible. I’ll visit Dr. Balshi every six months and we’ll see how it all plays out,

If you are interested in talking to Dr. Balshi to see if you’re a good candidate for stem cell treatment, you can call his office (561) 272-6000.
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