Stuff Could Always Be Worse

I was bout 20 years old and I was taking a shower, thought this is weird. My arm is numb. I will check it out if it does not go away, it did after a week. Ok.

Several months later, I was typing at work. This is weird, I cannot see out of one eye clearly. It had a blob in the center, also painful when moving the eye.

This time I did go to the Eye Doctor, he examined it. The doctor said it was ok, but if it does not clear up in a week. He wanted to give me a perscription of steroids. I was confused but it cleared up, so I was young and fine.

Later in the year, I had double vision (when I saw 2 of everything). I was also numb from head to toe on my right side. I still thought I was fine, I was young!

My Dad said we are going to the Doctor, the day after Thanksgiving. I said no one will be open during a holiday.

Well the same eye doctor was open. After the eye exam, he took Dad in another room. Strange again. I was around 20, so I thought why?

Dad did not want to tell me, but I insisted it was my body. He said MS, I thought I do not want to be Jerry’s kids. That is MD? so what is MS? No computers or test to confirm it back then.

My eye doctor had put the pieces of the puzzle together and sent to a Neurologist. They had no tests or treatment around 1980 for Multiple Sclerosis. I kept working with MS for 10 or so years.

I met my husband after I had been diagnosed with MS a few years. He liked my attitude about the MS, “don’t let it ruin my life” (ignore it) back then. We married 26 years ago and had 2 children,

The doctors did not know if having the kids would do more damage or not but I thought it would be worth the risk.

My Daughter is a 24 year old accountant and my son is a 21 year old Marine. Like any Mom I am proud of my kids and I do not know how I raised them. I claim post traumatic war stuff for lack of memory!

I started walking with a walker again about 4-5 years ago. My Chiropractor seems to have played a big role in it but it is God behind it all whether it be medicines or whatever.

The story continues…..

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No matter what your day is like, remember stuff could always be worse,



  1. Ahh! Thanks for this nice spotlight. I started this blog with this “Stuff….” name when I got tired of hearing negative news. After 3 years of blogging, it has become a strangely named MS blog also.
    Thanks again for this place on your site

    • You’re welcome Kim! You have an awesome attitude and I can see you have found enough joy living with Multiple Sclerosis to inspire all of us!

  2. Hi, Kim – Love your attitude. I’m Linda’s mom and I know how hard the emotional ups and downs of MS can be, to say nothing of the physical problems. I’m proud of both of you for handling this adversity in the best way possible.

  3. Way to go for you. My mom has had MS for about 14 years now and thank God that she is still functional. Think that this is mainly due to the fact that she didn’t let the diagnoses stop her from living life to the fullest. May you always have courage to claim your life as your own.

  4. Karen,
    Like you, I am convinced that attitude makes a difference! With chronic disease it really does! I’m happy for your mom!

  5. I think people who are suffering from multiple sclerosis as well as from other health problems should read this story because it can be of good help to give them strength and courage to face their condition and overcome it.

    • Candice,
      I agree, we can all be lifted up hearing others who deal with their situations positively! Thank you for taking the time to say so!

      • Hello Linda,

        So true! Reading stories like this one will not only encourage them, but will also inspire them to live with hope. This will really contribute to the improvement of their condition. Have nice day Linda.

  6. Its not safe to assume that we are okay because we are young, with the advancement of medical technologies right now it should be a lesson for us that we must always have a regular check up.

    • Julie,
      I agree with you, and yet with multiple sclerosis, there is no way of knowing that we have it even with a regular check up. I was never sick (or so I thought) until my first symptom. No check up could have picked that up! If only…

  7. Great to find out more about your story, Kim!

  8. i’m so happy to see kim profiled here!

    when i was first diagnosed i was a lost puppy. i had already been blogging for a bit… and so i put my stuff out there, on the blog… i didn’t care about keeping it under wraps or found out… anyhow…

    i have to tell you that kim’s stories helped me come to some realizations about living with MS, what some of the challenges are and will be.. and that my outlook on it all would make a huge difference in the quality of my life…

    thanks for all you do here linda!

  9. I love Kims blog and visit her every time she posts. She is one of the most upbeat people I know.

    Thank you so much Kim for telling your story and thank you Linda for Having her.

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