FDA Approved MS Modifying Medications

FDA Approved

At this time, there is no known cure for MS. The FDA has approved these medications to slow the progression of multiple sclerosis: Since 1993, medications that alter the immune system, particularly interferons, have been used to manage multiple sclerosis. Interferons are a protein that naturally occurs in the body. …

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Poll Results – Do you take any of the following disease modifying drugs?

This question was active from June 19 to October 13 and 482 people responded all toll.  Here is a breakdown of the results: Do you take any of the following disease modifying drugs? – 482 Not yet – 13% Not interested – 10% Avonex – 4% Betaseron – 5% Extavia …

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Weight Loss 4 Wellness Update ~ Depression & Confessions

It’s been over a week now, probably closer to two, that I’ve had a dark cloud over my head following me around. It often comes with a knot in my stomach that aches like I’ve swallowed a bag full of marbles. Do you know that feeling? That’s what my depression feels like. …

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Gilenya (fingolimod) Mechanism of Action

MS Dr. Pavle Repovic MD Swedish Neuroscience institute

Last week NOVARTIS Pharmaceutical Corporation sponsored a presentation for those of us with MS in Mat-Su Valley, Alaska. Dr. Pavle Repovic, spoke with us about the treatment mechanism of Gilenya  and I understand it better than before. Dr. Repovic spoke to us in lay terms explaining that Gilenya recognizes the …

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MSrelief ~ May 2011 Walking Update

An emotional roller coaster, that’s what life with MS is! My daughter Lilli was behind the camera for this update a few minutes before church on Sunday. It was fun because I’m more secure in front of the camera than I was when I started blogging so it only took …

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Gilenya: The First Oral Disease-Modifying Therapy


Gilenya (fingolimod) pronounced as “Jil-EN-ee-ah”. Gilenya is the first oral disease-modifying therapy available for the long-term treatment of MS. Gilenya is the first in a new class of immunomodulatory drugs called S1P-receptor modulators. It is similar in structure to a naturally occurring component of cell surface receptors on white blood …

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Multiple Sclerosis Immunosuppressive Treatment

MS Frequently asked questions

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that is not fully understood. MultipleSclerosis-Relief.com is proud to join forces with other passionate people motivated to educate and support the MS community. In this video I briefly describe the FDA approved immunosuppressive medications. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hl-nHX6Y-n0[/youtube] The National MS society believes it is important to get …

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