Weight Loss 4 Wellness – Episode 9 ~ Getting Stronger and Regaining Lost Abilities

looking down on woman standing on a digital scale - 251.4 lbs

I’m happy to say that I’ve now re-lost 2 of the 4 lbs I put back on a couple of weeks ago. So it’s now about 45 lbs I’ve lost in the last 6 months. WhooHoooooo!!! The difference in my energy is awesome and I’m actually starting to regain some …

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Weight Loss 4 Wellness – Episode 7 ~ One Less Medication & 3 More Houses

I just couldn’t believe it! I’ve never had a doctor validate my weight loss ever before in my life. But this week I saw my cardiologist and he was so impressed with my weight loss that he kept bringing it up over and over during my appointment, making reference to …

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Weight Loss 4 Wellness – Episode 5 ~ My Growing Appetite Awareness

negative feelings word cloud

This whole journey with Dawn helping me to look hard at the emotions and thought processes I have going on in my head and heart when I’m eating, has been very empowering. I feel like all my life up to this point has been all about the food… what can …

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Weight Loss 4 Wellness – Episode 2 ~ Feeling the Chaos

I had bit of a rough week, just in terms of my schedule being all over the place. When life is like that I often have trouble focusing on my priorities because I go into “fire fighter” mode.  I end up getting distracted by things that seem to require my …

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Weight Loss 4 Wellness – Episode 1 ~ Getting to Know Each Other & Setting Goals

This was my very first session with Dawn Silverstein, Holistic Nutritional Coach. She is an awesome coach, specific yet gentle, nurturing yet direct. I certainly had no shortage of nervousness about getting started on this weight loss journey with Dawn live on ChooseJoyTV for MSrelief.com but turns out that Dawn is so …

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