Pauline Victoria, a Chair Chat with Linda Grace Cox

Pauline Victoria

Pauline Victoria reached out to and Linda Grace Cox when she realized that our mission is to help people choose joy even amid their MS experiences. Pauline has chosen to live significantly in her life and believes we can do the same. She pays attention to resources in order …

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Toxin from common foodborne bacteria discovered as potential MS trigger


Summary: Researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York presented new findings on the link between a toxin produced by common food borne bacteria and multiple sclerosis. Dr. Jennifer Linden, who presented the data on behalf of her Weill Cornell colleagues at the 2014 American Society for Microbiology Meeting, reported that …

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Should employees talk about mental illness?

mental illness

This month media campaigns are encouraging people to talk about mental illness. This raises the question about whether employees should talk to their employer about mental illness or remain silent for fear of losing their jobs. According to the Ontario Human Rights Commission (Commission) in its recent paper “Minds That …

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Could You Have MS? 16 Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

What is MS? Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system, meaning it affects the brain and spinal cord. In the most common type symptoms come and go. However, MS is tricky. Because so many other conditions can also cause similar symptoms. On the other side, it can take …

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A double standard in disabilities

When did “crackhead” become the disparagement de jour? Should addiction be treated any differently than other disabilities? William Halliday, a recovering addict, took a second job at Van Toen Innovations, checking with car dealerships to get the best deal for the automobile broker’s clients. He had been in 14 residential …

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MS: The Basics – Types of Multiple Sclerosis

MS Nerve

Generally, Multiple Sclerosis follows one of 4 courses: Relapsing – Remitting MS Secondary – Progressive MS Primary – Progressive MS Progressive – Relapsing MS Relapsing – Remitting (RRMS) Most people start out with RRMS. Symptoms fade and then return off and on for many years. It is during this type …

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Stop the Stigma: Mental Health Webcast Series


The Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) in partnership with the Mood Disorder Society of Canada (MDSC) is pleased to present a series of three free broadcasts in the Stop the Stigma mental health webcast series. These webcasts focus on the stigma of mental illness among health care professions and in relation to Anxiety …

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