Where I am Today

Nicole Lemelle and husband-300x171

I’d like to start this story where I am today, here and now. Twelve years after I first heard those life changing words from an unfamiliar doctor, “I am 99% sure you have Multiple Sclerosis”. Basically all of the fears and worries those words prompted came true in one way …

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Repair MS ~ Sep. 2011 – Update and Injury

My daughter taped this update video on September 1st but I didn’t get it posted until today. Last Friday, I took the most serious fall of my MS life. I was walking up the stairs, just like in this video, stepping up with one foot and pulling the opposite foot …

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Repair MS ~ July 2011 – Update and Exercise

Through these tears I told you that I am truly happy. Even with the sorrow, I honestly am joyful. I feel like I’m doing everything right; I have let go of past pain, I’ve forgiven myself and others, I’ve created and repeated wonderful affirmations, I’ve surrounded myself with people whom …

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Repair MS ~ June 2011 Update: Embracing MS Reality

Juliette Kando

I will continue helping others find joy, one step at a time, that’s what MSrelief is all about. I’ve written an e-book, entitled Emotional Clearing: Your New and Wonderful Life Begins with the Five Steps that you can get it by clicking here. Emotional clearing outlines the beginning steps to …

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Ampyra for Multiple Sclerosis Week One

Ampyra bottle

Ampyra (dalfampridine), known as the “walking drug”, is a treatment to improve walking speed in patients with multiple sclerosis. In clinical trials it increased the walking speed of over a third of the patients. As you see by my video, I walk VERY slowly. I use my walker most times, …

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