Tamia Hill Manages MS through Medication, Exercise and Diet

Tamia-Hill Classic and soul soundTamia Hill was raised in the projects of Windsor, Canada. A tough start for such as successful individual and R&B musician. She is now the wife of basketball superstar Grant Hill and mother of 11 year-old, Myla and 6 year-old, Lael.Tamia Hill with Husband and children

Tamia was diagnosed with MS in 2003 at age 28.

It came at an extremely difficult time in the lives of both her and her husband. Grant had just recently returned from the hospital after dealing with a post-surgery staph infection in his ankle. Tamia had rushed him to the hospital after he hit a 104 temperature and was convulsing, this staph infection could have been potentially fatal and he needed constant care.

Once he was home and settled Tamia started experiencing numbness in her hands and feet. She also had extreme and unexplained fatigue. Grant then took her to the hospital. She went through three doctors and a misdiagnosis of a pulled muscle before the MRI’s were done and she was diagnosed with MS. Not long after her diagnosis, she and Grant were out of the country celebrating their anniversary. Tamia experienced her first big MS attack. She recalled, “Literally, I could not lift a pen. I could not get out of bed. I had to fill out customs forms to come back and my husband had to fill them out because I could not write,”

Grant stated that although difficult, both his injury and Tamia’s illness has brought them closer together as a family. It has put their lives in perspective.

In the beginning Tamia was leery about going public because she had such little understanding of her diagnosis. In an interview with ‘Extra’ she said “I mean literally, I went from being physically active to not being able to get out of bed.”  Her husband added “It took time for her, for both of us, for everyone involved, to accept it,” But by age 30 Tamia took her struggle public to help raise awareness for the National MS Society. She stated, “I just felt it was important to get it out there and let people know it’s not a sign of weakness. You have good days and bad days.” She believes very strongly in the importance of listening to what is going on with your body and being your own advocate with your doctor.

Tamia continues to manage her MS through medication, exercise and diet. She is also continuing to travel, support her husband and record music.

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