Tarita Davenock

Tarita Davenock - 200x250In my 17 years, I have never seen anyone with any type of ‘difability’ (dislike the word disabled- so I created a new one) in any travel ads.

This fact has remained an irritant for years, so I decided to become a voice that yells a top a soap box regarding accessible travel. How comforting to learn that I am not alone in this mission; I have made many worldwide connections whose purpose is to show destinations to people who are ‘difabled’.

My company’s mantra ‘Travel Should Be Inclusive-Not Exclusive’ is what I believe is my mission; to create inclusion by arranging travel to anywhere in the world.

I bring my 17 years of travel experience; 15 of which was spent at one of Canada’s largest agencies, and the remainder as an independent owner/affiliate of TPI (Travel Professionals International) which is the large umbrella that my company is under.
TPI has many advisers across Canada who are independent owners. I am also a member of a travel consortium named ‘Virtuoso’; this gives me a plethora of travel suppliers to utilize, as well as giving my clients some amazing travel perks!

I demonstrate that the world truly is becoming accessible!
Visit Taritas Travel Connections by clicking here.

I am thrilled to be a part of MSrelief.com; so let’s start dreaming of traveling again…
Tarita Davenock


I am happily married with two children; three if you count my spoiled rotten furry baby Annabelle.I was born in Hillingdon, U.K, and have grown up in Nanaimo B.C. Canada. My parents & grandparents were all born in the Fiji Islands; however, my ancestry is Indian. As a child I wanted to learn Hindi so I could understand my grandparents; especially the stories about all the trouble that my parents caused as children! I have a Bachelors in Behavioral Psychology and English; I am a candidate for a MA in both subjects. I was a Social Worker and my case load predominantly consisted of special needs adults and children; however, it was suggested that I change careers when I was diagnosed with MS at 29. I was a travel enthusiast and have visited many continents; so when a position in the local paper was looking for someone that loved to travel, and loved people; it was 'kismet', and I began my new career! 17 years later, I have carved a niche for myself as a 'Certified Special Needs Travel Advocate'. I now plan travel for people that need their vacation 'tweaked' due to various forms of disability; my company's mantra is 'Travel Should Be Inclusive- Not Exclusive' and utilizing my strategic worldwide contacts; this is achievable...

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